Educational Resources

Please find below some educational resources that may be of use:

These will be updated by the relevant website owners and therefore may expire without HEEY&H knowledge. 

The content is available by other routes on the internet but hopefully by having this available it will be convenient for our trainees!



Primary Examination resources

A very nice blog with some guidance and links included from pondering EM

An excellent anatomy reource from Andy Neill 





General Resources

https://www.rcemlearning.co.uk/foamed-layout/ rcem learining with a mixture of podcasts and FOAMed material that is linked to relevant psrts of the curriculum

Excellent resource from Sheffield's own Chris Connolly

Paediatric EM from a local source

POCUS FOAMed another locally produced resource

Of course those from the wrong side of the Pennines - http://stemlynsblog.org

Other Uk resources https://em3.org.uk

The excellent LITFL based in Australia

US based https://emcrit.org