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Yorkshire and Humber


ARCP Process 2016-17

(Please see JRCPTB website)
Guidance and forms for assessment are available on the JRCPTB website and can also be available on disc.  It is hoped that all these will be in the form of e-portfolio in due course.

  • PYA: Registrars will be expected to have a PYA for both general medicine and gastroenterology separately (12-18 months prior to the CCT date). The idea of the PYA is to identify any weakness/areas of improvement that should be addressed by the trainees so that their CCT (Certificate of completion of Training) is obtained without any outstanding issues. If it is felt that a trainee does have issues that need to be addresses he may be called back for a repeat PYA.
  • DOPS (Direct Observe Procedural Skills) including endoscopic procedures
  • 360˚: MSF (Multisource Feedback): The Yorkshire and Humber Deanery uses the Mini PAT forms which are different from other parts of the country. 
  • Mini CEX
  • Knowledge Based Assessment (KBA):  This is currently being prepared by the Gastroenterology Examination Question Writing Group under the umbrella of the MRCP (UK) of the Royal Colleges.  The examination is compulsory for those appointed after August 2007, but current SpRs may opt to sit the examination to prove their knowledge.  The examination is ready and expected to be introduced in 2008.  It is aimed at those in their second or third year.  You can re-take it if you do not pass first time, but you must pass before PYA.