Workforce, training and education
Yorkshire and Humber

Postgraduate Teaching in Leeds


When: Tuesday afternoons, 13:55-16:30, MS Teams. 

Please complete pre-course learning prior to the interactive session - login to Blackboard Ultra to access the learning materials and for session link. 

75% completion of courses per year is required for successful progression at ARCP. Please complete a feedback form as evidence of attendance after each session. 

  • Course materials can alternatively be accessed via the NHS Learning Hub - use e-LFH detalis to login. 

Click here for a timetable of upcoming sessions. 


Details of how to access Blackboard

You can create your own logins using the new HEEYH Education and Learning Portal (HELP), I’ve included a link below.

Please click on the ‘Sign up’ option in the top right-hand corner. This will allow you to create a Blackboard/HELP account and enrol into upcoming courses when they are released. Once you have created your account, we would recommend enrolling yourself into the Blackboard 101 course and the HEEYH Learning Portal course by filtering to ‘Health Education England’ on the left side. This will give you all the necessary help guides to navigate through the Blackboard platform.

If there are any other queries, please forward them onto and we can help.