Workforce, training and education
Yorkshire and Humber

Who's who in the region

Your training and education is co-ordinated and delivered by a team of dedicated individuals, some appointed by the HEYH School of Ophthalmology, and some by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. Their roles are listed below. For contact details in the first instance please get in touch with the Programme Support Team. Alternatively, most are email users and can be found on the NHSmail directory. 



School of Ophthalmology Programme Support Team

Asmah Mayet & Katy Ralph


Head of School of Ophthalmology

Head of School: Mr Vernon Long


Base: Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Training Programme Director - North

Ms Devina Gogi

Base: Bradford Teaching Hospitals 

Training Programme Director - South

Mr Yashin Ramkissoon

Base: Royal Hallamshire Hospital Sheffield

RCOphth Regional Educational Advisors

Regional Educational Advisers coordinate the Regional Team Members, working together to identify educational priorities or strategies. They are responsible for setting up the equipment and processes required for multi-site delivery of teaching, and also have a supportive role.

Miss Aabgina Shafi (based at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust)


OTG Representative

The OTG (Ophthalmologists in Training Group) consists of registrar representatives, to the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, from the training regions around the UK.  The OTG meets 3 times a year. 

OTG representative for Yorkshire (North & South):

Matthew George

ROTC (Regional Ophthalmology Training Committee) Trainee Representatives

The ROTC trainee representatives are elected by the trainee body to work alongside the rest of the committee, representing trainees' views in:

  • organising and improving the regional teaching programme.
  • working with Simulation leads in the region to help deliver training
  • updating and improving School website content
  • overall improvement and innovation in regional delivery of training


Senior rep: Anindita (Rimi) Hom-Choudhury

Junior rep: Tim Lloyd

RCOphth CESR and OLT lead

The Regional CESR/OLT Lead is responsible for providing advice on the CESR process to local OLT programmes and local candidates not in the formal programme. 

Mr Abdallah Ellaban

Base: Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Regional Simulation Leads

The Simulation Lead organises and delivers simulation courses and training programmes for the region, acquiring appropriate equipment and supplies. They are responsible for teaching experienced colleagues how to supervise simulation training. They will also periodically feed back to RCOphth about local practice and new ideas for simulation.

Simulation Lead: Mr James Innes

Trainee Simulation Lead: Dr Naz Mirza

Regional GP and other Specialties Lead

The GP and Other Specialties Lead coordinates ophthalmology teaching for local GPs and optometrists, as well as contributing to teaching sessions of other specialties e.g. A&E, neurology, endocrinology, rheumatology, paediatrics, infectious diseases. They are also responsible for inviting other specialists to present at ophthalmology teaching sessions, promoting interdisciplinary learning.  

Mr David Burton

Base: York & Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Regional Exams Advisor

The Regional Exams Adviser supports trainees registered to sit exams by assessing their needs and organising exam-specific teaching with feedback. They are also involved in examiner recruitment.

Mr Fahd Quhill

Base: Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Regional SAS Representatives

This is a College-appointed role. The SAS representatives promote education for SAS doctors in the region, including enabling access to regional teaching opportunities and support sitting exams.

Bhagyashree Shevade (Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Trust)

Reema Gupta (Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust)

Regional Management & Leadership Advisor

The Regional Management & Leadership Advisor is responsible for promoting management & leadership skills in all staff by delivering sessions during regional teaching based on the RCOphth M&L curriculum, and coordinating leadership and management projects and opportunities for trainees.

Mr Ian Simmons (Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust)

Regional Mentoring and Buddying Lead

The Regional Mentoring and Buddying Lead is a point of contact for ophthalmologists requiring help and support. They are responsible for setting up buddying schemes for ophthalmologists at career transitions, and for delivering teaching about the qualities and techniques of buddying during postgraduate education sessions.

Mr Bataung Mokete

Base: Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Regional Ophthalmic Practitioner Training Lead

The Regional OPT Lead is responsible for the quality control of the award of the OPT Certificates. They oversee the OPT Programme and the quality of assessment of its learners in their region. They support the enrolment of learners onto the programme, advise on the delivery of OPT Training according to the OCCCF curriculum, and support and develop OPT Trainers.

Sophie Vickers (Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Harrogate & District NHS Foundation Trust)

Regional Postgraduate Education Lead (Training Programme Director)

The Postgraduate Education Lead / TPD coordinates weekly postgraduate regional teaching sessions, planning the teaching programme and promoting good educational practice in the region.  

Mr Greg Heath

Base : York Hospital

Regional Research Advisor

The Regional Research Advisor promotes research skills in all staff, advising trainees and others on their research projects and how to present them, and supporting them to pursue academic roles.


Mr Richard Gale 

Base: York & Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Regional Training the Trainers (TTT) Lead

The Training-the-Trainers lead is responsible for delivering regular TTT courses for colleagues, as well as delivering TT courses at College. The TTT lead also feeds back to supervisors on the quality of their ARCP reports.

Miss Aabgina Shafi

Base: Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Regional Undergraduate Education Leads

Undergraduate Education leads coordinate medical student teaching in the region.

  • Ms Carolyn Atherley (University of Leeds)

Base: Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

  • Mrs Fiona Bailey (Hull York Medical School- HYMS)

Base: York & Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust