Updated guidance from HEE YH - March 2020 - HEE YH has updated it's ARCP guidance for trainees. All trainees should read this guidiance to make themselves aware of the changes. To read the new guidiance, please see the Appraisals & Assessments section of the HEE YH website.

Checklist for trainees attending Core Surgery ARCP. 

  1.  The ARCP is a formal process. If you are invited to attend a feedback meeting, you should treat it as the professional occasion (dress, demeanour etc.)
  2. Ensure your ISCP portfolio is completed AT LEAST two weeks before the ARCP date. After this time you may continue to update your portfolio but any changes that you make will not count towards your ARCP.  This allows the panel to check the portfolio in advance of the meeting; if you are expected to get an adverse outcome you should be notified in advance.
    1. Complete record of training progress / placements
      1. Initial, middle and final AES meetings for BOTH placements
      2. Clinical supervisor comments for BOTH placements
      3. AES report for BOTH placements (clinical supervisor’s report is necessary before this can be done)
      4. AES must activate your progress against topics in your learning agreement. If this is done properly you will see a series of green ticks / orange circles against each topic in the learning agreement. We expect about 75% of topics in the curriculum to have a green tick by CT2 end (with evidence to support this). A series of empty grey boxes next to the topics means this has not been done – you need to engage with your AES to activate as this can ONLY be done on their log-in.

You can download a self-assessment checklist at the bottom of this page.

Core Surgery Expectations for ARCP 2018/19

  1. 40 + validated WPBAs per year (CT2)

CT1’s need to complete mandatory DOPS in addition i.e. 64 WBA’s (list here)

  1. 50 % overall of the minimum WBA requirement done with consultant
  2. Mix of DOPs, CEX and CBDs to include 17 CEX, 14 CBD, 32 DOPs.
  3. CBDs mainly done with consultants
  4. PBAs in index procedures at CT2
  5. CEX for consent (1 per year)


  1. Minimum 120 cases in logbook per year, 25% STS or STU
  2. 1 audit per year (uploaded) and 1 Assessment of Audit (AoA)
  3. 1 MSF per year
  4. > 70% attendance at regional Core Surgery teaching / simulation programme
  5. 1 Observation of Teaching (OoT)
  6. CT2 should have an oral or poster presentation at regional or national level
  7. MRCS Part A by the end of CT1(upload to ISCP in other evidence)
  8. MRCS Part B by the end of CT2 (upload to ISCP in other evidence)
  9. CS and AES reports completed for each placement
  10. Full engagement in ISCP – evidence sections completed, logbook completed, topics activated, no reliance on external documents, CVs etc
  11. Completion of Form R (for revalidation) – Send to and upload to other evidence section on ISCP under miscellaneous section
  12. Completion of JCST trainee survey for both placements

ARCP Dates

For 2020 ARCP dates, email