Study Leave


Study leave is organised to map the Core Surgery Curriculum as laid down by the ISCP. This process is overseen by Mr Andrew Williams, Training Programme Director & Curriculum Delivery Approver (email link at the bottom of the page). Submission should be through your local Postgraduate Centre for approval by the Curriculum Delivery Approver. Forms and further details are given on the relevant Deanery Policy page.

A detailed outline of the process for Core Surgery trainees has been produced by the Training Programme Directors - see below.

Please be advised that when you apply for Study Leave/Curriculum Delivery funding you must include the following information:

  • Full details of funding/expenses required
  • Details of any courses you have already attended during your Core Surgical Training
  • Rota Co-ordinator approval

Part A and Part B of the form must be fully completed in order for your application to be approved and processed.  Part C will be completed and signed by the Curriculum Delivery Approver (Mr Williams).  Please note that if you do not complete the form correctly and include the information above your form will be returned to you and there will be a delay in approving your leave/funding.

We have produced an updated guide to Curriculum Delivery in the Surgical specialties (see below).  We hope this will assist in making the process clearer.

Study Leave for Exam Preparation

Trainees are permitted to take a maximum of five days study leave per year for exam preparation, at the discretion of the employing Trust.

Please be reminded that Health Education England - Yorkshire and the Humber does not fund exam preparation courses.


Within Core Surgery the recommended courses are Basic Surgical Skills, ATLS and CCrISP. These will be provided locally within Yorkshire and the Humber wherever possible.  For all booking information please see the RCS website: 

HEE YH Policy on Study Leave

Can be found here: Study Leave Policy

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Study Leave Guidance

Sheffield's own study leave guidance for trainees on rotation at the trust can be found here

TPD Curriculum Delivery Approver

Mr A Williams: