Education, Research and Innovation Committee (ERIC).

The Education, Research and Innovation Committee is responsible both for helping to direct the high-level approach of the Education & Innovation Teams for healthcare professionals, along with reviewing the developments, packages and courses incorporated within that.

The Committee is chaired by Deputy Postgraduate Dean David Eadington and composed of a range of individuals who are involved in the delivery of education across the region. The group has recently reviewed key developments and achievements during the previous 12 months and set future objectives for the upcoming year.

A primary function of the Committee is to support requests from organisations and individuals that are associated with education, research and innovation interventions that aim to enhance workforce training and improve patient safety. Requests are received via an agreed bidding form to the ERIC committee. There are two rounds each year funding permitting. For further details please see the tabs below.


 Bidding rounds for 2019 are yet to be confirmed. 



 If you have any additional queries please do not hesitate to contact the ERIC Team,


ERIC Bidding Process- Flow Chart

ERIC Bids Standards & Guidance

ERIC Guidance Notes 2018-19

Standards for Review of Education, Reseach & innovation Bids 2018-19


*Please note, the above documents are reviewed after each round of bids meaning they will change prior to the next round opening.


ERIC Bidding Templates and Online Survey Link

ERIC - Organisation Bidding Template (for reference only)

ERIC - Individual Bidding Template (for reference only)

The link for the next round will be published here once open.