Trainer Resources


This section contains information specifically relevant to GP trainers/educators - please also refer to the Trainee Resourcessection.

GP Trainer Approval/Reapproval Process

Full information about this can be found on the Deanery website at:

Training Practice Library

You can download a list of suggested books opposite, however please note here is no set requirement for a library in the new training standards. For a training practice the main books trainees are likely to want to use are the exam preparation books and the consultation books. Most of the other information trainees tend to access is via internet resources.

Educator Resources

There are a lot of useful resources available on the Bradford and Pennine GPSTP websites:

NCAS Security Plan

This document is available in the Downloads section at the right hand side of this page.  This is a template to develop a signed agreement with a practitioner who has a relapsing illness.