Coaching is a normal professional activity in many jobs.  The GMC, plus many medical colleges and curricula recognise its benefits.  

Coaching is time for you to think.  Your coach won’t judge you, or give you advice.  This means it is ok to talk about anything that you feel gets in the way of you doing your best at work. You can really think things through in a way that is different to talking things over with a friend, partner, TPD or Educational Supervisor - all people who tend to have another agenda for you.  Your coach will support you, and challenge you if necessary, to help you reach a conclusion that is helpful and meaningful to you.

Your sessions are completely confidential - your coaching is nothing to do with your performance in training, or your ARCP.



The careers coaching scheme can be what you want it to be - you will spend time thinking through what you want to get out of the sessions and your coacher will be guided by you.  My experience was invaluable in aiding my progression from general training to higher specialist training in Neuroradiology, helping me prepare for and reflect on the interview process, take on new challenges and consolidate my goals.  It was a priveledge to be able to discuss my medical training with a consultant from another speciality, and as well as discussing career it was an opportunity to reflect on the inevitable challenges that face us in training.  There was also the opportunity to think through aspects of trainee and consultant life, including balancing work and home.  I'd really recommend this to all radiology trainees!

Janice Nix, ST5 Neuroradiology Higher Specialist Trainee