Below outlines the SPIN modules available within the School of Paediatrics in Yorkshire and the Humber and which Departments in the region can facilitate these. Please check the RCPCH website for further details on requirements for SPIN modules and discuss your requirements for a SPIN module you wish to pursue early with your TPD. SPIN modules can be requested via the trainee post preferencing survey in December and will be agreed once allocations have been made in May.  If a SPIN post is not available in your area a request can be made to work in a different area for the duration of the SPIN post. Version July 2021; to be updated July 2022


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Post Requirements

(please check SPIN frameworks for details)

Additional Requirements

(please check SPIN frameworks for details)

West Posts

South Posts

East Posts


18 months general Paediatrics or Community with access to adolescent health/transition

12x3 appropriate clinics

Complete adolescent Health project modules



York District Hospital



12 months allergy posts in speciality centre and DGH, can use respiratory, gastro, immunology;

40 new outpatient assessments; 100 reviews;

Attend 5 or more appropriate training days; Allergy CPD (elearning) or PG Cert Allergy

No designated  SPIN option at present

Sheffield Children’s Respiratory or ID/Immunology


DGH - Barnsley

Harrogate General Paediatrics

Hull Royal Infirmary

Cardiology/ Paediatrician with Expertise in Cardiology (PEC)


Separate appointment process to cardiology post at Leeds 12 months

( advertised via School of Paediatrics)

Specified work based assessments

6 x CBDs

1 x ACAT

1 x HAT

10 x Echo DOPS

3 x mini CEX

MSF including feedback from 3 x cardiology consultants


Also required to maintain capabilities in consultant post

LGI Cardiology




12 months in tertiary centre and/or a consultant with a DGH Diabetic Service

Review 75 patients with diabetes; 15x2 clinics

No specific requirements for formal training

LGI Endocrino-


CRH General

Mid Yorkshire


Sheffield Children’s Endocrinology

DGH -Barnsley /

Doncaster Royal Infirmary







12 months tertiary neurology placement and general paediatric placement large epilepsy service fulfilling criteria

40 outpatient clinics, review 100 children, access to EEG department

BPNA distance learning course module in epilepsy PET course level 1 and 2

LGI Neurology

BRI General Paediatrics

Sheffield Childrens’ Hospital Neurology


DGH - Doncaster Royal Infirmary



12 months, 6 months tertiary gastroenterology service, 6 months DGH fulfilling BSGPHAN criteria

24 gastroenterology clinics, care of 15 IBD episodes, endoscopy experience

Regional study days

LGI Gastro

Mid Yorkshire

General Paediatrics

Sheffield Childrens’ Gastro-

enterology 12m




12 - 24 months in total: Minimum  6 months PICU including 1 month anaesthetic experience, 6 months DGH  HDU with 3 or more HDU beds or in a general paediatric setting in tertiary centre with HDU/nephrology/oncology/respiratory ward based high dependency care


If any of the above HDU experience is not available may need 12 months PICU.


Transport service may count toward experience as well

Specified work based assessments :

4 x DOPS


Leader CBD

1 x Mini CEX


Additional recommendation to be EPALS/APLS instructor if continuing role as a consultant



LGI General paediatrics

BRI General paediatrics

Sheffield Children’s PICU




12 months tertiary neonates approved for sub-speciality training

No specified course apart must be NLS provider


Optional courses:

ARNI, echo/ Cranial USS


Specified list of required attendance at  MDT meetings


Specified work based assessments:

8 x CBDs - discharge planning

3 x DOCs

1 x MSF

1 x DOPs - Cranial USS

4 x Mini Cex - counselling



LGI Neonato-logy

BRI Neonatology

Jessop Wing 12m

HRI Neonatology



Due update soon**


18 months in total with minimum of 6 months tertiary nephrology;  minimum of 6 months DGH with Nephrology SPIN consultant;  additional 6 months can be in one of above or in allied speciality eg  PICU or neonates

Encouraged to attend National Sub-speciality training days  ( 2 x 2 days per year)




LGI Paediatric Nephro-


DGH - BRI/ Calderdale

Sheffield Children’s  6m /

Leeds renal 6m

DGH  -Barnsley or Rotherham





Due update soon


Recommend discussion of suitable posts with neurodisability CSAC:


Suggest 6 months neurology and 6 months neurodisability


30 new patients, 100 reviews; sessions in neurology and CAMHS

Sheffield Postgraduate Diploma in Paediatric Neurodisability

Expected to attend setb MDTs and inter-agency planning meetings and have access to attend wide range of specified clinics with allied specialities

6 months LGI Neurology,

6 months neurodis-ability BRI/Leeds 

12 m Sheffield Childrens’ Hospital





12 months tertiary oncology, 6 months DGH with shared care

Desirable to attend Advanced Paediatric Oncology course

LGI Paediatric Oncology

DGH with oncology shared care




Sheffield Childrens’ Oncology

DGH with oncology shared care - Hull, York

Palliative Care


6-12 months tertiary palliative care centre, 6 months in a post with significant palliative care focus

APPM study days and conference

Martin House

Bluebell Wood



18 months with minimum of 6 months tertiary respiratory centre, and remaining of time (6 -12 months) appropriate experience DGH post

British Paediatric Respiratory society meetings


Detailed specified work based assessments covering curriculum, including reflection on participation in MDTs, DOCs, Leader CBD, safeguarding in respiratory and focus on health promotion

LGI Respiratory,

DGH - BRI/Pinder-fields


Sheffield Children’s Respiratory and placement in either PICU/Neonates/Allergy  -12m total


DGH – Doncaster Royal Infirmary




12 months tertiary rheumatology centre

Attend regional and Rheumatology interest groups

Attendance and membership of British Society for Paediatric and Adolescent Rheumatology


Specified work based assessments:

4 x CBD

2 x Mini-Cex

1 x MSF

1 x DOP

3 x DOCs

12 months LGI Rheumatol-ogy

12m Sheffield Childrens’ Hospital









Not offered locally – would need to negotiate training in a different area, please contact TPD

Child Mental Health





















Infectious diseases