Specialty Trainee Committee.

Specialty Training Committee meetings take place every 3-6 months and are usually chaired by a Training Programme Director in the relevant region. The meetings are an opportunity for College Tutors and trainee representatives to meet with members of the deanery to discuss aspects of the programme such as rotations and ARCPs. Updates for specific training issues such as out of programme opportunities, Diploma, SPRAT and STEPP are also provided. Trainee representatives from each training level are elected to represent trainee views and to discuss any trainee issues. 


Paediatric Trainee Representatives

Trainee representation is a key element in the development and monitoring of the Paediatric Training Programme, and representatives play a valuable role in providing feedback and helping shape new initiatives.

In order to build continuity, the Paediatric School Trainee Representative will hold the role for the ST Levels they have applied to complete (i.e, ST1 - ST3).  They may of course, choose to step down from their role at any point if they wish.  If a trainee does give up their role, the Paediatric School will follow the application process to appoint a new trainee to the role. 

Please note that the posts are unpaid, honorary roles.  HEE YH is however, able to reimburse travel expenses for those Paediatric School Trainee Representatives who are required to travel to local and national meetings.  Details on how to claim reimbursement will be sent on appointment.

If you wish to contact your local Trainee Rep you will find their details below:


South Yorkshire

ST1 - ST3

Lydia Baldwin

Email Lydia

ST4 - ST5

Maysoon Elfadil

Email Maysoon


Simon Scammell

Email Simon Scammell


East Yorkshire

ST1 - ST3

Post currently vacant - please click here for further information on how to apply.

ST4 - ST5

Post currently vacant - please click here for further information on how to apply.

ST6 - ST8

James Houston

Email James Houston


West Yorkshire

ST1 - ST3

Ben Hughes


Hi, I’m Ben; I am currently an ST2 in West Yorkshire working in Leeds for the very first time (having been a student and then graduate here for almost 11 years!). I love the vast majority of my day job and get tremendous job satisfaction as a result, so I want to make sure that each and every trainee feels the same way as we tackle any barriers to engagement in training together. If you have any issues or concerns please get in touch and we can work together with the School to give everyone the best training experience possible.

Email Ben


Rachel Pybus


My name is Rachel Pybus. I am an ST4 in West Yorkshire, currently working in Bradford. I have completed my Level 1 trainee in West Yorkshire and have worked at most of the hospitals in the region. I feel passionate that not only should our job bring us clinical and academic satisfaction, but that our workplace should be a fun and joyful place to be. Feeling that our learning and academic growth is valued is a hugely important aspect of helping to achieve this. For this reason I am excited to be a part of the team that aims to take trainee issues seriously and address them in order to create a more constructive learning and working environment. I encourage all trainees to contact me with any issues or concerns that you would like raised with the School of Paediatrics and I will do my best to represent your views.

Email Rachel

ST6 - ST8

Jenna Saunders

jenna_suander_trainee.png Hi, I’m Jenna Saunders. I’m your rep for level 3 trainees in the west. I’m a Leeds Medical School graduate. I did my F2 year in Sydney Australia and then came back to Yorkshire to do my paediatric training and have had the pleasure to meet many of you along the way, in placements, at the diploma of child health course and through various projects. Having had periods of maternity leave, and training less than full time for most of my training I have lots of experience of being a paediatric trainee and I hope I can do a good job of representing your views and working on solutions that can improve training for all of us.

Email Jenna



Brenda Van Beek 


Hi, I'm Brenda van Beek. I am an ST4 in South Yorkshire, where I started my paediatric training in 2013. Before that, I lived and worked in Leeds, and before that, I finished medical school in Amsterdam. I have been working LTFT since February 2018, which I see as experiencing the best of both worlds. Over time, and especially during my time as leadership fellow, I have developed a passion to make the work/training place a positive, happy environment (I know, a challenge in the current climate!) as I believe this will get the best out of all of us. I believe it's important to keep good communication between the front line and the powers higher up,  to make sure good practice is rewarded and the right issues are being addressed.

So please LTFT trainees, let me know if you come across anything that you would like me to highlight to the School of Paediatrics so I can represent your views!

Email Brenda Van Beek