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Yorkshire and Humber

There are opportunities for trainees to apply for specialty training posts across the whole region for September 2024 and March 2025.

Note: To ensure equality of access to specialist training opportunities, and fair distribution of trainees in each locally, trainees may be asked to work in a general paediatric post in a neighbouring area.  For example, a West trainee may be asked to complete a post in Harrogate or Barnsley or a South trainee to complete a post in Scunthorpe or Wakefield. If because of your personal circumstances you are unable to do this please let your local Training Programme Director know with evidence for your reasons.

The specialty pan-deanery posts are:



Adolescent Medicine 


York Hospital

Neurodisability  York Hospital
Community/CAMHS/Child Protection  York Hospital
Diabetes and Endocrinology  Hull Royal Infirmary


Paediatric Emergency Medicine

 Hull Royal Infirmary

Hull Royal Infirmary


 Harrogate District Hospital


Neurodisability   Bradford Royal Infirmary
Endocrinology    Leeds General Infirmary
Neurology    Leeds General Infirmary
Gastroenterology    Leeds General Infirmary
Hepatology   Leeds General Infirmary
Nephrology   Leeds General Infirmary
Oncology     Leeds General Infirmary
Rheumatology   Leeds General Infirmary
Respiratory   Leeds General Infirmary
Paediatric Cardiology   Leeds General Infirmary


Neurology   Sheffield Childrens Hospital
Endocrinology   Sheffield Childrens Hospital
Diabetes   Sheffield Childrens Hospital
Respiratory   Sheffield Childrens Hospital
Oncology   Sheffield Childrens Hospital
Infectious Diseases   Sheffield Childrens Hospital
Rheumatology   Sheffield Childrens Hospital
Palliative Care   Sheffield Childrens Hospital

The posts will be allocated dependent upon your training needs and your training aspirations. 


SPIN placements

Please note that speciality posts for SPIN will be allocated on a competitive basis if required and you will need to submit a statement. Please submit a maximum 300 word statement to  to explain why you wish to be placed in this post and what qualifies you to work in this speciality. Please ensure that you also complete the rotation preference survey.


Applying for a post:

Complete the rotation preferencing survey and submit a personal statement of 300 words your reasons for requesting the post to . If there is competition for posts, an interview may be required, details of which would follow. 


If more than one trainee requests a particular post then their personal statement, portfolio and PDP will be reviewed by the TPDs and the most suitable applicant chosen.

If you have any queries about a particular post, please contact the local Training Programme Director. Contact details can be found here.

General Enquiries:

Please contact local TPDs/ specialty leads for descriptions of posts


Application Process:

Complete the rotation prefering survey and submit a personal statement of 300 words your reasons

for requesting the post and send this to:

Applications close as of 23:59 on 4th December 2023