Paediatric Cardiology Special Interest Post.

In August 2020 and there will be a 1 year Paediatric Cardiology special interest post available at Leeds General Infirmary. This post isfor the training of existing paediatric trainees according to the RCPCH approved SPIN module in Paediatric Cardiology (available from the RCPCH website for information).

This post will initially be offered to the school of paediatrics rotation grid for Yorkshire and Humber trainees. If appointable applicants are not attracted to the position from within the deanery, the posts will be nationally advertised.

These posts are targeted at Level 3 trainees, ST6 and upwards only, but would be most suitable for those in ST7 or ST8. This would allow the trainee to spend time in the latter portion of their training maintaining their exposure and interest to cardiology in preparation for appointment to a PEC position. 

These posts are primarily directed towards those trainees who wish to pursue a career as a paediatrician with an expertise in cardiology (as per the SPIN module assessment criteria) but may also be relevant for neonatology or paediatric intensive care trainees wishing to broaden their experience in cardiology. Once trainees are appointed to the role they will need to prospectively apply for their SPIN approval via the TPD for Paediatrics to the Specialist Advisory Committee for Paediatric Cardiology.

At this stage we will not accept applications from Level 2 Paediatric doctors as we would not consider doctors at this stage to be ready to undertake a SPIN module.

Experience at level 1 post (ST1 to ST3) in Paediatric Cardiology is not an essential criterion for appointment. Evidence of previous active involvement in Paediatric Cardiology care (during general paediatric training) is expected and shortlisted applicants should bring evidence of audit work or presentations in cardiology to the interview for review.
The post is non-resident on call for Paediatric Cardiology (with no general paediatric on call commitment) and is currently within a 1 in 7 shift pattern. 

Full time appointments would be for a period of 12 months with negotiation on longer contract length possible if a part-time working pattern is requested. 

Application will be by personal statement of a maximum 300 words indicating your reasons for applying and supply evidence in your e-portfolio of your interest and suitability. 

Trainees will be interviewed on a date to be confirmed at HEE, Willow Terrace, Leeds by  Dr Dominic Hares (TPD for Paediatric  Cardiology), and Dr Karin Schwarz (Head of School of Paediatrics).

The Paediatric Cardiologist at the interview has the final say on appointability to the role. If posts remain unfilled due to a lack of suitable applicants then the posts would be re-advertised on a national basis.

General queries:

Dr Dominic Hares
Training Program Director for Paediatric Cardiology and Paediatric Cardiologist

Leeds General  Infirmary

Application opening date:

13th December 2021

Application deadline:

23:59 21st January 2022

Interview date:

TBC early 2022

Virtual interviews

Applications and queries to:

Dr Dominic Hares

TPD for Paediatric Cardiology

Dr Karin Schwarz 

Head of School of Paediatrics