Tropical Medicine Diploma.

Tropical Medicine Diploma.

The Yorkshire and Humber School of Paediatrics offers trainees the chance to apply for a scholarship to undertake the diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. There is one scholarship available each year and those interested in applying for this should follow the instructions below.

The scholarship offers the following:

  • Funding for the Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.
  • Three months out of programme to attend the course (OOPE).
  • Opportunity to work overseas for one year at a recognised training placement (OOPE).
  • The scholarship cannot offer salary for the one year placement or travel costs, but will approve the three months out of programme experience to study at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and a one year out of programme experience to work overseas.

Please note: the successful applicant needs to adhere to the out of programme (OOP) application process, details of the application process can be found here. You must discuss this with your Training Programme Director prior to submitting an application for the scholarship.

Person Specification:


The applicant must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Have been appointed to one of the Paediatric Run through training schemes on offer in Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber.
  • To have successfully passed all parts of the paediatric membership.
  • To be able to demonstrate a strong commitment to their paediatric training and to have successfully achieved the appropriate competencies in their paediatric training so far.
  • To be at level ST3 or above at the time of application.
  • To be able to demonstrate a commitment to work overseas for one year having successfully passed the Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.
  • The successful applicant will be expected to maintain a high quality portfolio throughout their training programme and if successful to continue this during their time overseas.


  • Previous overseas experience including travel to other countries and experiencing other cultures and health systems
  • APLS/NALS/ child protection course
  • Previous teaching/research experience.


Applicants will be expected to:

  • Submit a CV to the assessing committee, highlighting within this evidence of previous work or travel overseas (if any).
  • In no more than 500 words, identify the principle reasons for applying for the scholarship and what the candidate hopes to achieve if successful.
  • Candidates who are shortlisted for interview will be expected to provide (at interview), a portfolio of their achievements to date, including evidence of successful progression through the training programme (ARCP). The successful candidate will be awarded the scholarship following the interview.

Applications should be submitted by email to paediatric.support@yh.hee.nhs.uk

Applications open on Monday 9th January 2017 and will close on Sunday 29th January. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed on Wednesday 15th February 2017 at Don Valley House, Sheffield (time TBC). The successful applicant will be expected to undertake the dipolma at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in the 2017/2018 training year and plan for one year out of programme experience overseas. 


Monday 9th January - Applications open

Sunday 29th January - Applications close (extended to 1st February)

From Monday 30th January - Shortlisted applicants will be invited to interview by email

Wednesday 15th February - Interviews will take place at Don Valley House, details TBC

Applications to be submitted to:



Closing date:

Wednesday 1st February 2017