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A National Code of Practice rotation timeline has been put into place to ensure all trainees are notified of their placement details 12 weeks prior to the rotation date. 


The Yorkshire and Humber School of Paediatrics offers placements in many Trusts throughout the region. There are a variety of post specialties to rotate through to ensure you gain relevant experience and fulfil the requirements of the curriculum. Post specialties include areas such as community, general paediatrics, neonates etc. 

Details of the Paediatric curriculum are available on the RCPCH website.

Opportunities for pan-deanery placements are available. Full details can be found on the Opportunities page.




LTFT Opportunities

There are now no specifics windows for application and requests can subsequently be made at any time, in accordance with our 16 week notice requirement (our guidance can be found here). Please note that this allows trainees to train LTFT as a personal choice that meets their individual professional or lifestyle needs. Whilst that choice (and the reasons for it) are not subject to the judgement of anyone else it is dependent upon and might be limited by service considerations and placement availability. 


Placement Preferences

A survey has been created to collect the rotational preferences from trainees within the School of Paediatrics to help determine the training rotation for September 2024 and March 2025.

The survey is opens on 6th November 2023 and will close at 23:59 on 4th December 2023. Click here to complete the survey

As such, you will have the opportunity to rank your preferred Trusts and Specialties in order of your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice. 

A list of which specialties are available at which trust is available at the bottom of this page. 

Please consider the following before submitting your request:

  • Whilst every effort is made to meet your requests, all trainees’ preferences and training requirements need to be taken into account, and therefore your first choice cannot be guaranteed. Therefore the more choices you provide the more likely it is that you will get one of your choices
  • Whilst we will endeavour to take location and travel times into consideration where possible, travel itself/alone will NOT take priority over training needs and fairness to all trainees. Therefore trainees should have to be prepared to travel if necessary.
  • If you need advice about your personal requirements please discuss this with your Educational Supervisor. If you wish to discuss available placements and future training plans, your Training Programme Director responsible for your rotation will be able to advise. Contact details can be found here.

Complete the paediatrics preferencing survey here 

Opens: 6th November 2023

Closes: 4th December 2023



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