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We are delighted to announce that the School of Paediatrics 10th Annual Meeting will be held on Wednesday 13th November at the Majestic Hotel in Harrogate. This meeting which is organised for trainees by trainees is this year celebrating it's 10th anniversary and we look forward to celebrating with paediatric trainees, consultants, foundation year doctors, medical students and allied health professionals from across Yorkshire and the Humber. To make this a truly celebratory event the theme this year is Unsung Heroes of Paediatrics and we look forward to showcasing this in a variety of talks, worskhops and debate. The University of Leeds have kindly agreed to suspend their PGDip course for this date to enable even more trainees to attend.


Registration for the meeting has now closed. To be put on a waiting list or to cancel your place at the meeting please


In keeping with previous meetings there is again an opportunity to submit abstracts to be reviewed with the possibility of having a poster or oral presentation at the meeting. This is a great way to get your hard work showcased.


Following the success of the 'Family-Friendly room' last year, we are pleased to inform you that there will be an allocated room again this year, for trainees to bring their young children.


We look forward to seeing you all there. For any further information please email




DoubleTree by Hilton, Harrogate Majestic Hotel & Spa,Ripon Road, Harrogate, HG1 2HUipon RoadHarrogateHG1 2HU





Wednesday 13th November



DoubleTree by Hilton, Harrogate Majestic Hotel & Spa



Paediatric trainees, Consultants, Medical students, Foundation Doctors, Allied Health Professionals


Dr Andrew Brookes ST6 Paediatric Trainee, West Yorkshire

Dr Rebecca Schoner ST7 Paediatric Trainee, West Yorkshire


  08:30-09:00                                                                          Registration and coffee



Welcome and Introduction

Dr Karin Schwarz, Head of School of Paediatrics for Health Education England Yorkshire and the Humber, HEEYH

Dr Andrew Brookes & Dr Rebecca Schoner

Committee chairs


RCPCH Paediatrics 2040: Future Models of Care

RCPCH representative, Paediatrics 2040 group

Dr Victoria Hemming, Paediatric Consultant, Scarborough General Hospital


Creating an Acute Ambulatory Care Service in Bradford

   Dr Mat Mathai

   Paediatric Consultant, Bradford General Infirmary


Coffee break (poster viewing)


   Trainee Oral Presentations

   (3 presentations)


   Non-Trainee Oral Presentation

To be announced


Lunch (poster viewing)

Workshop Sessions


Educational Supervision in Paediatrics

Dr Karin Schwarz, Head of School of Paediatrics for Health Education England Yorkshire and the Humber, HEEYH


A workforce in crisis: safeguarding our profession

Dr Melody Redman, Leadership fellow in Child Health Workforce Planning


Presentation skills - more than just copying others

   Mr Ross Fisher, Consultant paediatric surgeon, Sheffield

  Children’s Hospital


Ethical dilemmas in paediatrics

 Dr Adam Nicholls PICU Consultant, LGI


Sudden Unexplained Death in Children (SUDIC)

  Dr Eduardo Moya Paediatric Consultant, Bradford Royal


  Louise Clarkson Lead Nurse for SUDIC in Bradford


Surviving and Thriving in Paediatrics

  Dr Sanjay Suri Paediatric Consultant, Rotherham General


  Dr Victoria Stead


OOPE - A window of opportunity

  Dr Kurram Mustafa, Dr Aoife Hurley & Dr Caroline



Plugging into the GRID - how do you Spark(le)!

  Dr Rum Thomas, Dr Monica Negoita & Dr Yousef Gargani


Coffee break (poster viewing)


Behind the scenes at Embrace

   Exact speakers TBC


Balloon Debate: The Best of the Best - which subspecialty should you choose?

Dr Yousef Gargani, Neonatal Grid Trainee

Dr Mark Winton, PICU Grid Trainee

Dr Yasmine Kamal, Consultant Community Paediatrician

   Dr James Houston, General Paediatric Level 3 Trainee


Summary, Remarks, Awards


Dr Karin Schwarz, Head of School of Paediatrics for Health Education England Yorkshire and the Humber




Registration has now closed!

Thank you to everyone who has registered for the School of Paediatrics 10th Annual Meeting. If you would still like to attend please contact to be placed on a waiting list.

Similarly, if you can no longer attend the meeting, please contact then your place can be allocated to someone else. 


Abstracts and Presentation Information


Abstracts should be submitted via a single word document or a Google Drive attachment and emailed to Please read the attached instructions regarding abstract submissions carefully, including the rules and regulations. The deadline for abstract submissions has been extended to 5pm on Friday 13th September.  Those who are accepted for poster or oral presentations will be notified by 27th September.

Submission Rules and Regulations

Please read the above document before submitting your abstract

Abstract Marking Guidelines

Please review the above document for guidance on your abstract

Guide to Producing a Poster for Presentation

In the tradition of the Yorkshire and Humber School of Paediatrics Annual meeting, we are keen to help those trainees and students with successful abstract submissions. We aim tol provide a learning experience to improve their presentation skills, and this year we are very lucky to have this document, providing a useful guidance on how to do a high Quality Poster. We would like to acknowledge and thank Dr Catriona McKeating, Dr Bob Phillips, the TYAC Professional Education Group and the University of Leeds for this contribution

Prizes and PAFTA's

There will be following prizes this year:

            i.       Best Poster and Runner Up

            ii.      Best oral Trainee Presentation and runner up

            iii.     Best oral student presentation and runner up

            iv.     Best Research


PAFTAs -Paediatric Awards for Training Achievements


Are you working with an Unsung Paediatrics Hero?

Take a moment today to nominate them. The PAFTA nomination form can be found at the bottom of this webpage.


Recognise and celebrate those unsung heroes amongst us – those who we think an ARCP Outcome 1/ little thank you card just isn’t enough to represent how awesome they are, in the field of paediatrics! One quick form and one quick email to help your unsung hero.


The Paediatric Awards for Training Achievements (PAFTA) was established to recognise the hard work and achievements of colleagues in paediatrics. Nominees will be colleagues who go the extra mile, look after colleagues – peers and trainees, particularly helpful team members and are inspiring role models.


All nominees will receive a certificate, and the winners will be recognised at this year’s School of Paediatrics 10th Annual Meeting scheduled to take place on Wednesday 13 November 2019 in the Majestic Hotel Harrogate. Trainee and Supervisor category winners will be automatically nominated for the National PAFTAs, which will be announced at the RCPCH National Conference 2020.


You are invited to submit nominations for colleagues in the following categories:

1.      Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANP)

2.      Junior trainee unsung hero (ST1-3)

3.      Senior trainee unsung hero (ST4-8)

4.      Educational Supervisor (ES)


Please note the deadline to submit your PAFTA nomination has been extended and is now 5pm Friday 25 October 2019


Please read the following instructions regarding nominations carefully, including the rules and regulations


Method of Submission

Please email completed forms or queries to:


Rules and regulations:

1.      The deadline is Friday 25 October 2019. 5pm.  

2.      There are 4 nominee categories – ANP, ST1-ST3, ST4-ST8, and educational supervisor.

3.      The junior (ST1-ST3) and senior (ST4-ST8) nominees will be recognised at level of training as of 31-Jul-2019. Please specify the category.

4.      ANP is a new nominee category included this year as we wanted to recognise our valuable colleagues.

5.      Please note that clinical supervisors unfortunately are not included as a PAFTA category.

6.      Anyone can nominate - this includes nurses, midwives, health care assistants, FY1s, FY2s, GPSTs, staff grades, associate specialists, consultants, TPDs and college tutors.

7.      There is no limit to number of nominations. You can nominate as many trainees as you would like to recognise.

8.      Please submit completed nomination form to

9.      Please do not include identifiable patient information on the nomination form.

10.  The winners will be decided based on the number of nominations and explanation(s) given on the nomination form.  This will inform the judging criteria of the panel, and ties will be decided by Head of School of Paediatrics, Dr Karin Schwarz.  

11.  Some of the nomination messages will be used at the SoPAM 2019 conference in Harrogate. Please indicate if you do not consent. However, the nominator’s personal details will remain confidential.

12.  All nominees will be notified of their nomination and will be awarded a certificate in recognition of their heroics in paediatrics at the conference. All nominees are encouraged to register and attend the conference on 13 November 2019.

13.  The winners of the trainee and educational supervisor PAFTA categories will be supported by the PAFTA subcommittee for the national PAFTA award at the RCPCH Conference of 28-30 April 2020.


Workshop 1. 13:00-13:45


i) Ethical Dilemmas in Paediatrics by Dr Adam Nicholls

In this workshop, Dr Adam Nicholls, PICU Consultant at Leeds Children’s Hospital, will share some learning points about decision-making when faced with ethical dilemmas in Paediatrics.


ii) ''Presentations skills- more than just copying others’' by Mr. Ross Fisher

Mr. Ross Fisher, Paediatric Surgeon in Sheffield children Hospital is passionate about teaching. He is particularly interested in teaching presentation skills and how to avoid death by PowerPoint! In this workshop he would be sharing some of his top tips for presentation skills.


iii) Educational Supervision in Paediatrics by Dr. Karin Schwarz (Consultants & Senior Registrars)

As the Head of School of Paediatrics, Dr Karin Schwarz will present this workshop focusing on improvement of learner supervision, assessment and educational outcomes, both now and in the future. 


iv)  A workforce in crisis: safeguarding our profession by Dr Melody Redman

Dr Melody Redman is a Paediatric trainee currently doing a leadership fellowship in Child Health Workforce Planning. In this interactive workshop, we will explore the wider global and national workforce crisis, with a focus then on the Paediatric workforce. We will explore some of the opportunities and options to try to tackle these issues.



Workshop 2. 13:45-14:30


v) ‘“OOPE - A window of opportunity’’ by Dr Khurram Mustafa, Dr Aoife Hurley and Dr Caroline Frase

In this workshop a panel of three Paediatric Trainees will share their out of programme experiences (OOPE) to highlight the opportunities that are out there to enrich Paediatric training ranging from Leadership Programmes to Scholarships and Work experience in Africa.


vi) Sudden unexpected Death in Children (SUDIC) by Dr Eduardo Moya and Louise Clarkson

Dr Eduardo Moya, Paediatric Consultant at Bradford Royal Infirmary and Louise Clarkson, Lead Nurse, from the SUDIC team at Bradford Royal Infirmary will deliver this workshop about how to deal with the unfortunate cases sudden unexpected death in a child; the procedures and investigations required and the support services available.


vii) "Plugging into the GRID - how do you Spark(le)!” by Dr Rum Thomas, Dr Monica Negoita, Dr Yousaf Gargani

Dr Rum Thomas is a PICU Consultant at Sheffield Children's Hospital with years of experience as the Trainee Programme Director and ARCP Lead for level 2 Paediatric trainees. If you are considering applying for a Paediatric Subspecialties join this workshop where Dr Rum Thomas will take you through the application process. On the panel we have Dr Monica Negoita, a Community GRID trainee and Dr Yousaf Gargani, a Neonatal GRID trainee to answer your questions about GRID application.


viii) Surviving and thriving in Paediatrics by Dr Sanjay Suri

Dr Sanjay Suri, Paediatric Consultant at Rotherham General Hospital who is passionate about wellbeing and resilience of Paediatric trainees will deliver this workshop about how to look after yourself while looking after sick children.

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