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We are delighted to announce that the School of Paediatrics 11th Annual Meeting will be held on Wednesday 17th November 2021

Registration is now closed!!! If you have any enquiries regarding regaistration including if you need to cancel your place, please email

The agenda for the day is now available as is workshop information

In keeping with previous meetings there is again an opportunity to submit abstracts to be reviewed with the possibility of having a poster or oral presentation at the meeting. This is a great way to get your hard work showcased.

For any further information please email




Due to the current government guidelines, this will be a virtual event





09:30 –  09:45


Welcome & Introduction


Dr Karin Schwarz, Dr Amy Henderson, Dr Nikki Pelech

09:45 – 10:00


Shape of Training  

An update



Dr Karin Schwarz

10:00 – 10.45


Working in complex systems for children - what is the value?



Dr Nicola Jay




Advanced Care Planning: Improving delivery through leadership and collaborative team working



Dr Hannah Hardisty


11:15 – 11:30





Stands & Poster viewing

11:30 – 12:30


Trainee oral presentations

  1. Talk to me: Perspectives from a young Person with Cerebral Palsy
  2. Out of Programme Experience: General Paediatrics and Tertiary NICU at Waikato DHB, New Zealand
  3. Perinatal care and management of babies born with exomphalos: 5-year experience in a tertiary centre in the UK and creation of new standardised clinical guidelines
  4. Do hospital admissions improve outcomes for children and young people with poor diabetes control?


Trainee oral presentations

  1. Gemma Dolden
  2. Emma Hubbard
  3. Bouran Khalifa
  4. John Jacques

12:30 – 13:15





Stands & Poster viewing

13:15 – 14:15


14:15 – 14:30





Stands & Poster viewing

14:30 – 15:15


Panel discussion:

How do  I reconcile competing sub-specialist interests for my complex patients: lessons from clinical cases?



Dr Rum Thomas

Dr Rachel Riddell

Dr Rachel Calvert

Ms Emily Hopkinson

15:15 – 16:00


Summary, Remarks,

 PAFTAs, Poster/Presentation awards







Registration is now closed!!! If you have any enquiries regarding regaistration including if you need to cancel your place, please email

Abstracts and Presentation Information


12th Yorkshire School of Paediatrics Annual Meeting - Wednesday 17th November 2021

‘Collaboration in child health, celebrating the success of team work locally, regionally and nationally’

Abstract Submission

Abstracts are invited in the following four categories:
1) Case reports
2) Personal Experiences
3) Research/Audit/Quality Improvement
4) Out of Programme Experiences

There will be:
● 30 trainee poster presentation and 3 oral presentations
● 10 medical student poster presentations and 1 oral presentation ● Abstract submissions will close at 5pm on Friday 17th September 2021. ● Successful applicants will be notified by Mid October 2021

Please read the following instructions regarding abstract submissions carefully, including the rules and regulations

Method of Submission

Abstracts should be submitted via a single word document or a Google Drive attachment and emailed to
You will receive an email confirming receipt of your abstract. If you do not receive an email within 48 hours, your abstract has not been received and you will need to be resubmitted.

Abstract Submission Rules

1) The deadline for submission is 5pm on 17th September 2021. Late submissions will not be considered.
2) The maximum word count for abstracts is 300 words (excluding up to 5 references).
3) Please specify which category of abstract you are submitting.
4) Case report/audit/QI/research abstracts must be an accurate and true representation of clinical events or of the research process and findings presented.
5) For case report/audit/QI/research abstracts please obtain permission to present from the supervising consultant. Please name your supervising consultant in the abstract.
7) No identifiable patient information should be present in the abstract or presentations. [The exception to this would be non-identifiable appropriate images taken by hospital medical illustration departments only, with evidence of informed consent from the patient and/or parents for their use. You do not need to attach the informed consent to your submission.]
8) Evidence of ethical approval and informed consent must be provided wherever requested for any abstract submission.
9) Research can be re-submitted having been previously submitted to another meeting, but this must be declared and an alternative angle of inquiry/presentation for this submission is preferred, where possible. However, if the research is thought to be of educational significance by the judges, it can be included in its original form for presentation.
10) The same audit/OOPE/case report/personal experience abstract cannot be submitted for two consecutive years but can be resubmitted the year following that. A piece of research can be submitted to this meeting over two consecutive years if previously unsuccessful.
11) Any trainee who has previously been successful with a presentation of any kind cannot resubmit the same piece of work from the same academic angle. The exception to this is if there has been progression in the research where an update would be valid and acceptable.
12) The abstracts will be judged anonymously, any conflicts of interest will be highlighted to the judges (e.g. if the judge has either been involved in the research or case/audit or has assisted the trainee in submitting a case if for example they are their educational supervisor).
13) The abstracts will be judged fairly and with a transparent judging process.
14) Any trainee has the right to challenge the judging process and have their submission re-marked once for clarification.
15) Any disagreements with the judging process must be referred to the Judging Advisory Committee (JAC) for discussion. The final decision, after the re-marking process, will be given by the Head of the School of Paediatrics (Dr Karin Schwarz).
16) The Y&H SoPAM 2021 Abstract Subcommittee will endeavour to provide written feedback for all abstract submissions.
17) If an abstract is accepted for either a poster or oral presentation, at least one of the corresponding authors must register and attend the meeting.

There will be prizes for the best poster and oral presentations, with separate prizes for medical students and trainees.

**Best of luck to all participants!**

Submission Rules and Regulations

Please read the above document before submitting your abstract

Abstract Marking Guidelines

Please review the above document for guidance on your abstract

Guide to Producing a Poster for Presentation

In the tradition of the Yorkshire and Humber School of Paediatrics Annual meeting, we are keen to help those trainees and students with successful abstract submissions. We aim to provide a learning experience to improve their presentation skills, and this year we are very lucky to have this document, providing a useful guidance on how to do a high Quality Poster. We would like to acknowledge and thank Dr Catriona McKeating, Dr Bob Phillips, the TYAC Professional Education Group and the University of Leeds for this contribution

Prizes and PAFTA's

Yorkshire School of Paediatrics 12th Annual meeting 2021
Dear Colleagues 

Nominate here:
The time has come to celebrate success! And in a year like no other, (well apart from maybe some of the year before that), when almost everyone has gone above and beyond the call of duty, we want to celebrate the exceptional Paediatric trainees of 2021!

The PAFTA awards are celebrated each year at our Yorkshire & Humber Annual School Meeting, with the winners from each category being forwarded on to the national awards through the RCPCH.

We are now taking nominations for Paediatricians in the following categories:
- Best Junior Trainee (ST1 – 3)
- Best Senior Trainee (ST4 – 8)
- Educational Supervisor of the year
- Advanced Nurse Practitioner of the year

Feel free to contact us for any queries around nominations, and for further guidance around structuring the nomination, please read the judging criteria on the RCPCH website. Also see the bottom of this email for rules and regulations of voting

Thanks in advance!

Yorkshire School of Paediatrics 12th Annual meeting 2021
Ben & Iain
PAFTA Leads for SoPAM

Rules and regulations:
1. There are 4 nominee categories – ANP, ST1-ST3, ST4-ST8, and Educational supervisor.
2. The junior (ST1-ST3) and senior (ST4-ST8) nominees will be recognised at level of training as of 31-Sept-2021. Please specify the category. You can nominate from any time over the last year.
3. Please note that clinical supervisors unfortunately are not included as a PAFTA category.
4. Anyone can nominate - this includes nurses, midwives, health care assistants, FY1s, FY2s, GPSTs, staff grades, associate specialists, consultants, TPDs and college tutors.
5. There is no limit to number of nominations. You can nominate as many trainees as you would like to recognise.
6. Although we work with many great trainees from other areas, (GP trainees, Foundation doctors), we please ask you only nominate Paediatric trainees.
7. Please do not include identifiable patient information on the nomination form.
8. The winners will be decided based on the number of nominations and explanation(s) given on the nomination form. This will inform the judging criteria of the panel, and Head of School of Paediatrics, Dr Karin Schwarz, will make the decision in case of ties.
9. Some of the nomination messages will be used at the SoPAM 2021 conference. Please indicate if you do not consent. However, the
nominator’s personal details will remain confidential.
10. All nominees will be notified of their nomination and will be awarded a certificate in recognition of their heroics in paediatrics at the conference. All nominees are encouraged to register and attend the conference.
11. The winners of the trainee and Educational supervisor PAFTA categories will be supported by the PAFTA subcommittee for the national PAFTA award at the RCPCH Conference.
12. Winners will be announced at the virtual meeting!



Meeting Co-ordinators and Team

Dr Amy Henderson and Dr Nikki Pelech

Co-Chairs of the Yorkshire & Humber School of Paediatrics Meeting 2021


1) Shape of Training presented by Dr Karin Schwarz: An update on recent changes to the training 


2) It takes a village to do a research study presented by Dr Bob Phillips: A workshop exploring how 
collaboration is essential for effective research, and some tips on how to make it happen

3) Subspecialty training and the GRID application process presented by Dr Elizabeth Baker: An essential workshop for any trainees considering a career in a paediatric subspecialty. Discover if subspecialty 
training is for you, learn how to make the best preparations for a strong application and hear from those who have successfully navigated the process

4) Harnessing technology to enhance patient care presented by Dr Mattara: Join us for this engaging
workshop to learn how innovative technology can be incorporated into our daily practice to improve collaboration and enhance patient care

5) Time Out presented by Dr Sian Cooper and Dr Mark Winton: Find out more about how beneficial a 
‘Time Out’ can be after a difficult or stressful situation. Learn more about how to encourage your 
department to focus on this important and essential team exercise

6) Simulation presenter TBC: Are you interested in running Simulation in your hospital? Hear from those who have already done so and gain some insight into the dos and don’ts of simulation

7) Embrace presented by Dr Jess Oldfield: Embrace are the specialist transport service within Yorkshire and Humber. Their work requires clear, concise communication and excellent teamwork to transfer 
critically ill children between the hospitals in our region and beyond

8) CAMHS presenter TBC: Collaboration with our colleagues in CAMHS has never been more important with the increase in childhood mental health problems hitting the headlines. In this workshop, hear from the team themselves about how we can help them and ensure better experiences for our patients



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