Paediatric Symposium- Healthcare for Children in Austere Environments

Please click here for a link to the poster for the Paediatric Symposium. This will take place on the 6th of October 2018 at the Postgraduate centre, West Yorkshire Hospital. 

Intraosseous Needle use in Neonates - Survey from Oxford
Message from Alexandra Scrivens- 

Please click here for an information document

We (a group of paediatric trainees and consultants based in Oxford) are trying to investigate the use of Intraosseous (IO) needles in neonates. We would be really grateful for your help in distributing our survey to the paediatric trainees in your region.

We are interested in trainees' experiences in using IO in neonates (even if that is none!).

I have attached a covering letter. The survey is short (5 mins) and has been reviewed and approved by the R&D department at Oxford University Hospitals and can be accessed by clicking here:

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you very much for your help




Message on behalf of Arabella Baynes 

We are contacting you as regional representatives for the trainees committee. Consultant Dr Basheer Peer Mohamed (Milton Keynes University Hospital) and Dr Sonia Khamis (ST4 paediatrics, Thames Valley Deanery) are trying to assess the skill level among Paediatric doctors, in career grade as well as in training, in performing and interpreting funduscopy in their clinical practice primarily to rule out Raised Intracranial Pressure. As Raised ICP is a significant and frequent question that is faced by junior and senior Paediatricians in their day-to-day practice, funduscopy is a vital survival skill to have. They therefore attempt to assess the gaps in this skill , if any and also to use this survey as a platform to conceive specific training measures, particularly regarding the use of an image capture device. We have been advised that no personal identification data will be collected and the final results may be disseminated to the wider Paediatric community in the UK through conference presentation or as a publication.

Here is a link to the survey:

If you have time to complete it, please do. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions about the survey, I can provide contacts details. 

BAPM Annual Conference and Scientific Meeting
Please click the link below for a link to the page for the BAPM annual conference

Do you know of a paediatric trainee...

... Who is a role model to their peers?

... Who goes above and beyond the call of duty to improve their colleagues' working lives?

... Who goes the extra mile to improve patient care?

... Who deserves more appreciation other than a thank you card or ARCP outcome 1?


And how about Educational Supervisors ...

... Who is a role model for their trainees

... Who goes the extra mile to look after their trainees

... Who deserves more appreciation other than a thank you card?

This is your chance to nominate them for a regional award - the Paediatric Awards for Training Achievements (PAFTA). The awards were established in 2016 by the RCPCH trainees committee to acknowledge hard work and achievements by Paediatric junior doctors nationally. All nominees will be awarded a certificate, and the winners put forward for the national PAFTAs, which will be announced at the RCPCH annual meeting in May 2019.

It was to our delight that our very own Level 2 Unsung Hero Dr Harriet Barraclough (Sheffield Childrens Hospital) won the National PAFTA earlier this year. ( ) We are hoping that more exemplary Yorkshire trainees are highlighted in this way!

Nominations are now open! Please return the nomination form to soon! (FAQs as below.). Please click here for the nomination form. 

Many thanks,


Dr Jessica Wan

Paediatric ST4 trainee

Sheffield Childrens Hospital



Frequently asked questions about the PAFTAs:


1.Who should be nominated for a PAFTA?

There are several categories of PAFTA nominations:

Junior trainee Unsung heroes (ST1-3)

Senior trainee Unsung heroes (ST4-8+)

Educational Supervisors

Essentially this is someone who goes the extra mile - looks after their colleagues, brings extra baked goods to handover, a particularly helpful and inspiring role model, etc.


(For the paed trainees transitioning between junior and senior trainee, please indicate on nomination form which category you are nominating them for)


2. What about Doctors who are not on the Paediatric specialty training program - GP trainees, foundation doctors, locum doctors, clinical fellows?

Sorry, the Level 1 to 3 Unsung Hero PAFTAs are just for those who are part time/full time Paediatric trainees.


3. I've got a few paediatric trainees in mind who deserve a PAFTA. Can I put in multiple nominations?

Yes you can nominate as many paediatric trainees as you like.


4. Who can nominate?

Anyone can nominate! From Consultants, nurses, HCAs, midwives! As long as they can email their nominee's name and provide appropriate reasons for nomination to, we are happy to accept.


5. Who decides who gets the PAFTA?

Winners will be chosen depending on number of nominations and reasons for nomination. Judging criteria are attached to the nomination form


6. Deadline for PAFTA nominations?

September 10th 2018... so get those nominations in soon!

The Workplace and Me Teaching Sessions

Please click here for an information poster

The Workplace and Me is a one day mandatory training session for FY2 doctors which incorporates resilience and wellbeing (half day). We are looking for interested individuals to be involved in the delivery of this teaching. The session are held in locations across Yorkshire and the Humber. Train the trainers sessions are available on the following dates (or on a mutually convenient date):
24 / 27 September 2018
8 / 11 / 12 October 2018
15 / 18 / 19 October 2018
2 / 19 / 26 November (in Leeds only)

PEdSIG Call for Abstracts- Winter Meeting

Please click the link below to see details of how to submit abstracts for the winter Meeting of PEdSIG


2018 / 2019 RCPCH Trainee Key Courses - BOOK YOUR PLACE!

As it is the start of our new academic year, the RCPCH Education and Professional Development team would like to share with you the key courses we think will be useful to trainees over the coming months.  Further courses will be added during the year so please do keep these links. You can also sign up to our courses and events monthly ebulletin by selecting CPD opportunities and events in ‘Edit your contact preferences’ on your RCPCH website ‘My account’.


Mentoring skills courses – relevant to all trainees - supports Progress curriculum domain 2 and 10 – upcoming courses in London (06 Nov & 18 Jun) and Cardiff (26 Mar)


Mentoring skills peer support webinars – relevant to trainees who are trained and active as mentors - supports Progress domain 2 and 10 – upcoming webinars (17 Sept, 18 Dec, 30 Apr)


Effective Educational Supervision courses – relevant to ST7-8 trainees – supports Progress domain 2 and 10 - upcoming regional courses include: Sheffield (02 Oct) and Bristol (06 Nov)


How to Manage series – relevant to all trainees, but particularly GRID trainees depending on topic – supports Progress domain 4 - examples of course topics: paediatric allergy, neurodevelopmental disorders and common cardiac problems


Progressing Paediatrics series – as above - examples of course topics: childhood epilepsies and neonatal cardiology


Paediatric e-learning resources – relevant to all trainees  - supports Progress domain 4 along with several other key domains depending on the topic.

For individual bookings, trainees should apply directly via the RCPCH website course pages.

Simulation course at Montagu for Managing Paediatric Organ Donation

Please click here for course dates and timetable of the day.

Safeguarding Training in Practice. Tuesday 15th January 2019. Montagu Hospital, South Yorkshire.

A one day immersive simulation training day for ST3s, aiming to bring the gap between mandatory CPRR training and what you need to know when undertaking Child Protection Medical Examinations as and ST4. It is a multi-disciplinary day with social workers and police attending. The day costs £30 and includes lunch and refreshments. Contact to book your place.

Click here for the Safeguarding Simulation Day Poster