Welcome to Yorkshire and Humber School of Paediatrics   

If you are looking at this section we hope that you have chosen our region to train in paediatrics and would like to welcome you to the area. Every year we have about 50-60 new trainees. Most are starting at ST1s but there are also starters at other levels including those coming in for grid training or through an IDT.

We will contact you as soon as we have your name and contact details but in the meantime, please do not hesitate to get in touch yourself. The paediatric support team can answer initial questions and tell you who your responsible TPD is  (paediatricsupport.yh@hee.nhs.uk). Your TPDs will be in particular interested in your prior experience so that they can allocate you to an appropriate slot on the rotation. You can find the HOS and TPD details for the school here:

You will mostly work in the area you have been allocated to at appointment  (West, South or East) but there will be opportunity to work in other areas of the school if this is deemed to be in the best interest of your training.

The school runs induction days for all new trainees. If you are a ST1 or ST2, this will take place during the first day of your STEPP programme. For all other new starters we have organised separate induction days, which will take place on the dates below. These days will rotate through the region but you can attend any of these days. We will be in touch in due course to ensure you are booked onto one of these days:

West location:    TBC for 2021

South location:   TBC for 2021

You will be allocated an educational supervisor by the first department you are working in but please ensure you also make an appointment with your TPD to discuss your training needs.

All trainees will also have a paediatric induction at their local department. For level 1 trainees at many of the trusts this will include a SIM day teaching the skills you need to function well at level1 including baby checks, lumbar punctures and venesection.

Trainees will also need to attend the trust induction which takes them through most of the mandatory training required. Nevertheless, HEE is working with local trusts to reduce this to the minimum necessary and therefore all trainees are asked to complete the induction passport:

Induction Passport

The region has an induction passport that is mandatory for all trainees to do prior to starting working. The learning will take 2-3 hours and will take you through different scenarios in an A+E department. It covers most of your mandatory trust training minimising the training you will have to do for each individual trust at their trust induction or online.  You should be given 3 hrs in lieu for doing the online learning. At the moment the e-learning has to be repeated every 3 years but we are developing MCQs which once passed will count as renewal of training. 

The link to the passport is: https://heeclinicallearning.org and you will be given a password on appointment.


For further information, please also look at the induction presentation which covers:                                                        


•Assessment of training


•Introduction to the deanery