Whilst the future effects of the recent Pandemic are still unknown, the School of Anaesthesia would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the trainees and trainers for their spectacular hard work so far, both clinically and in their dedication to their training and future careers. The busy 2021 summer ARCP season is over and the level of attainment and progression has been amazing by all trainees despite the changes to working conditions, working environment and the significant stresses of dealing with the outbreak. Thank you for being truly professional and it is an honour to work alongside you all.

If the current situation changes we are conscious of the potential for further “information overload” and for any posted information to become rapidly out of date again. Therefore, we will continue to provide some general advice for all, and links to National resources for more specific guidance, rather than duplicate information on this site.

HEE has provided a hub for information relating to impacts of COVID on training HERE, which includes links to GMC and Academy of Royal Colleges information also.

FICM/RCoA have also created a clinical resource hub HERE. Guidelines on intubation and ICU care currently published or in development.


General advice

Please ensure that you undergo fit testing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) training at your local hospital. Most departments are providing simulation sessions for this vital preparation. Please contact your local department.

Trainees who are pregnant or who have any long term health issues that put them at additional risk are advised to discuss this with their Educational Supervisor and/or College Tutor so that appropriate action can be taken.

Please look after yourselves and each other. This is a situation that none of us has faced before and it will affect each of us differently. There will already be communication groups and information sharing going on in your department. The ICS has provided a wellbeing page with resources available HERE

If you have specific training concerns then please contact your College Tutor, TPD or your Heads of School through the contacts page on this website HERE.

If you are interested in working at the Harrogate Nightingale Hospital then please read the letter sent to the TPDs and College Tutors by the Heads of School HERE




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