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Lifelong Learning platform (LLp)

All Anaesthesia trainees use an ePortfolio - the RCoA Lifelong Learning platform (LLp). This removes the need for junior doctors to carry a large paper portfolio and all assessments can be recorded electronically.

Junior doctors will record all their teaching sessions, meetings, assessments, certificates and personal development plans on the platform, and this information is accessible to their Educational Supervisor at any time.

Teaching sessions on how to use the platform will be available during shadowing, or on commencement of your job and regional support and advice is also available. User guides can also be accessed via the College website by clicking the link here. You will use the LLp throughout your training and, as the name suggests, beyond CCT if you wish.


Your ePortfolio

You will be issued with a log-in upon registering with the College. You will be required to add your training post details for each rotation and update details of the Educational and Clinical Supervisors, assigned to you. In addition, we hope to arrange some training sessions for you.

You should take a good look at the LLp to see what is expected of you. Please ensure you add your personal details including your GMC number, your training number (issued by HEE at the start of training), mobile number and email address. You will be contacted via the LLp, which will send an email alert, so it is essential that you enter your current email address.