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Resigning and the Period of Grace

If your CCT date coincides with the end date of your final placement then you do not need to tell HEE / TPD. The assumption will be that you are leaving the programme on that date and you will not have a training post allocated beyond your CCT date. It is worth liaising with your current employing TRUST so that they don't put you on an oncall rota
However, if your CCT date arises BEFORE the end date of your final placement, you must clarify with HEE and your employing trust what your intentions are. For example, if your CCT falls before the end date of your final placement AND you wish to leave the programme on that date, you MUST give HEYH and your employing trust 3 months’ notice of your intention to resign.
If your CCT falls before the end date of your final placement AND you wish to remain in a training post beyond that date then you must inform HEE that you wish to remain in a ‘Period of Grace’. 
The Period of Grace Policy and request form can be found here.
A period of grace is NOT an extension to training. You can only enter a period of grace after CCT and by definition you have no further training requirements so will be allocated duties accordingly. Similarly, if you are in a period of grace at the time of rotation you may be allocated to any suitable trust in the training programme. You are not guaranteed to stay where you have been place currently.
Trainees are required to give trusts 3 months’ notice if they wish to resign. Since placements are usually allocated for six-month periods then it is essential to inform your department, HR and HEE if you wish to leave before the end of a placement. If you have any questions or queries about this please discuss with your TPD.