Workforce, training and education
Yorkshire and Humber

Description of Roles within HEE and the School of Anaesthesia



Post-Graduate Dean: Postgraduate Deans are responsible for developing appropriate specialty training programmes across educational provider units that meet curriculum requirements

Deputy Deans: The Deputy deans will have responsibility for overseeing and supporting specific Schools and/or certain domains such as Quality.

Associate Post-Graduate Deans (APD): The role of the Associate Deans helps support the Health Education England Dean in embracing corporate, statutory and non-statutory functions, aligning with the HEE mandate. The role is focussed firmly upon improving patient and learner safety and experience and ensuring effective educational outcomes. This jargon translates as "helping the Dean do what needs to be done".

Head of School (HoS): Involved in the development, delivery and quality management of Anaesthetic specialty training across Yorkshire and Humber regions. This involves negotiating a strategy for the specialty for HEYH in line with the Royal College of Anaesthetics curriculum and actively managing all specialty issues, while ensuring appropriate business planning for the school. From September 2019 the role has been split into two "Joint" Heads of School, who are Dr Jill Horn and Dr Phil Jackson. In order to divide the workload sensibly  responsibilities have been divided as follows: Dr Horn nominally has overall responsibility for Core and Speciality Anaesthesia, and Dr Jackson has nominal responsibility for ACCS Anaesthesia, Intensive Care Medicine and Academic Clinical Fellowships. However, in practice either HoS can be approached about any issue.

Training Programme Directors for Anaesthesia (TPDs): Oversee and manage training programmes mainly focussed on rotation planning, and appraisal and assessment of trainees in one of the 3 hubs; East, West and South

Training Programme Director for Intensive Care Medicine

Deputy TPD for ICM: This is a brand new role aimed at helping the TPD for ICM run the Pan-Deanery rotation. 

College Tutors (CT): Provide speciality specific educational and pastoral support at Trusts involved in the training programme rotations, they are recruited locally at the local educational provider with RCoA approval

Programme Support: The backbone of the entire programme, having numerous essential roles involved in the smooth running of the School, and an excellent first of call for queries and assistance: