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Yorkshire and Humber

Curriculum & Assessments

You must be registered with the Faculty and use the FICM Lifelong Learning Platform (LLP). Your assessments and progress will be completed on this platform.

The new ICM Curriculum: Supporting Excellence was implemented on 4 August 2021. The school has made an effort to interpret the evidence required for each HiLLO on the new ICM Curriculum. It is not an official FICM document however is acts as a rough example of types of evidence that trainees could choose to upload in each section. It is not expected that every trainee obtains all of these pieces of evidence. The HiLLO evidence map can be downloaded as an excel file here

We follow the assessment guidance from FICM 

We know that there are many assessments required and so are happy for you to not duplicate those completed in a partner speciality.

You should have a named Educational Supervisor (ES), who you should meet a minimum of 4 times a year and named Clinical Supervisors (CS) for each placement. If at any stage, you are concerned or running into difficulty please contact your ES or TPD as soon as possible.