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CCT stands for Certificate of Completion of Training

Progression through the training programme is dependent on satisfactory annual assessments (ARCPs). Once a trainee has passed the Final FRCA examinations and completed the Intermediate Level Training Certificate (ILTC) the College calculates a “completion” date or “CCT” date (a date by which the trainee will have gained all competencies and is eligible to apply for a Certificate of Completion of Training and therefore join the Specialist Register).

The Royal College of Anaesthetists notifies the GMC of the CCT date during the last year of training. The GMC will then invite you to make an application for the CCT around 4 months prior to the CCT date. When the Royal College is satisfied that you will complete your training (after a successful final ARCP) a recommendation will be made to the GMC. The GMC cannot grant your application and certificate until 10 days before your completion of training date and until your application and recommendation has been received.

The process is illustrated on the flow chart below, and there are boxes to take you to more detailed sections after that:




Further information can be obtained from the Royal College of Anaesthetists here.