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Trainee Representatives and CAT

Trainee representative (or "Reps") form an integral part of the functioning of the School. They are members of both the Specialty Trianing Committee and the School Board. They represent the views of the trainees at these meetings and help to collate information regarding trainees' opinions, and disseminate outcomes from these meetings to the trainee body.

Your current trainee Rep can be found in the CONTACTS section of the "About your programme" section.

Reps are appointed for a fixed term and are usually (but not exclusively) at a period of their career where they can dedicate time to their Rep responsibilities (i.e. post-exam). There is a Rep for each locality, and for both Core and Specialty Training. There are also Reps for specific groups such as LTFT trainees, Dual ICM trainees etc.

Anyone interested in becoming a Rep is strongly encouraged to speak to the current Rep, their ES and their TPD. In the event of more than one trainee expressing an interest then the trainee most suitable for the post (as a result of career progression etc) will be allocate the post. In the event of two or more candidates at a similar stage of training then a ballot process of the trainees may take place.

The South (Sheffield Hub) also has a specific Committee of Anaesthetists in Training or CAT. More details are given below. 





For well over 20 years South Yorksire Trainees interests have been represented by CAT. 

CAT exists to provide both social and educational welfare for the trainee anaesthetists in the North Trent Region. It is run by the trainees, for the trainees. There is a CAT representative at every Specialty Training Committee meeting

CAT Annual Scientific Meeting

All trainees are given a chance to submit their audit and research activities to be presented at the annual scientific meeting. This is an excellent opportunity to see what is going on in the region and stimulates interest in research/audit. There is a prize for the best project and for the best poster presentation.

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