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Yorkshire and Humber

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The School of Anaesthesia for Yorkshire and the Humber covers a large area, across the entire county (and beyond). The basics of the rotations are covered in the short presentation below.



In order to maximise the important training opportunities at different stages, the Core/ACCS ('Basic') level training scheme is slightly different to the Specialty ('Intermediate/Higher/Advanced') training scheme. The training is all delivered in hospitals within the region, but the hospitals that feature on each training scheme vary between Core and Specialty training.

Core/ACCS Training Scheme

The Core/ACCS training schemes that deliver the 'Basic' level training of the RCoA curriculum are set within three separate localities. To keep rotations small at the stage where Anaesthesia is most daunting and cultivate networking and interaction with colleagues at similar levels; trainees do not rotate outside their appointed locality during Core training. The Core/ACCS localities are broadly West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and East Yorkshire.

Speciality Training

There are three training schemes at Speciality level too. However, the Speciality Training schemes that deliver the Intermediate, Higher and Advanced levels of the RCoA curriculum are broader in geographical distribution in order to maximise training opportunities available within the region, provide a wider scope of training environment and a more diverse exposure to Anaesthetic practice. Therefore, trainees within the Speciality Training schemes may rotate to a larger pool of potential training hospitals than they do during Core training.

The three Speciality training schemes are centred around a Tertiary Centre known as a "Hub". The three training schemes are thus called Leeds Hub, Hull Hub and Sheffield Hub.

The geographical split of the programmes are indicated below:.