Yorkshire ICM Teaching/Courses

In this section you will find links to all the Y+H ICM Teaching resources including upcoming teaching, online archives and the brand new ICM Exam Preparation course FIVA. Directly below is a calendar for ICM teaching, below that are all the labelled links.


Upcoming Regional Teaching timetable:

Date Location Faculty Tutor Topics Booking Link/contact
12 May 2021

Leeds (online only)

Gunchu Randhawa


23rd June 2021 Sheffield Helen Ellis / Kris Bauchmuller Acutely ill child, child protection  
September 2021 (TBC) Hull Julian Howes / Tom Eckersley Brain death/organ donation  
11th November 2021 Leeds (SJUH) Andy Taylor Respiratory/ALI/ARDS/weaning  
January 2022 Bradford James Morgan Transfer/management  
March 2022 Hull Julian Howes / Tom Eckersley Cardiology/Cardiac Surgery  
May 2022 Sheffield Kris Bauchmuller Trauma/Radiology  
July 2022 Leeds (SJUH) Andy Taylor Renal  
September 2022 Hull Julian Howes Respiratory/ALI/ARCD/weaning  
November 2022 Doncaster Ben Williams Poisoning/Maternal Health  
January 2023 Pinderfields Brendan Sloan Burns/Nutrition  
March 2023 York Duncan Tarry Haematology/Oncology/Endocrine  
May 2023 Sheffield Helen Ellis / Kris Bauchmuller Neurology/Neurosurgery  
July 2023 Leeds (LGI) Gunchu Randhawa Brain Death/Organ Donation  
September 2023 Hull Julian Howes / Tom Eckersley Acutely Ill Child/Child Protection  
November 2023 Sheffield Kris Bauchmuller Cardiology/Cardiac Surgery