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How to prepare for Core/ACCS Trainees


Core or ACCS Trainees who wish to consider continuing training in Anaesthesia will require completion of Basic Level Training Certificate. This requires success in Primary FRCA Exams, and 2 years effective training within anaesthesia and ICM. (3 Years in ACCS due to Year 1 being EM/AM)


The following should be considered in preparation for ST3 Interviews:

  1. Interviews are held in one center in the North, which may change each year.
  2. Discuss with College Tutors on Regional post availability.
  3. Contact Training Programme Directors within the Hub you are interested in, to get detail you may require. Details of the relevant personnel and email address are found within the faculty webpage. They can also give you guidance upon competition ratios and other specific information.
  4. To maximise scoring please look closely at self assessment criteria, link provided below. Interview consists of 2 portfolio stations, a presentation and a clinical station. Portfolio represents 50% of overall score, and can be assured before interview. Other stations will depend on performance on the day. It cannot be over emphasised that early review of the self scoring system may allow you time to bump up your score in certain areas through completion of projects, presentation of work done etc.
  5. As in Core applications, similar points are awarded for higher degrees and experience outside of anaesthesia.
  6. Importance of audit and/or research cannot be underestimated.
  7. Teaching experience is very helpful. The deeper your involvement in the teaching process (for example organisation, planning and preparation of a educational programme) the better your score is likely to be. However, this takes time. Ensure you have feedback from the audience to your teaching sessions to demonstrate personal development
  8. Publications, presentations and courses attended will all help increase score. The wider the remit of where the presentation is, the better you are likely to score.
  9. Please bring all proof of your portfolio to the interview.
  10. Getting interview practice for many is advantageous. I would advise you to ask educational supervisor to assist with this.