Workforce, training and education
Yorkshire and Humber

Special Arrangements.

Our School aims to support trainees from a variety of backgrounds, social and family circumstances to follow a career in public health and develop specialist interests.  Opportunities include the following:  

Less Than Full Time Training

Less than full time training is supported by our school and Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber. Full details are given in the policies section of the website, including the HEE YH LTFTT policy, eligibility criteria, and details of the application process and forms.  LTFTT training must be approved by HEYH but we ask that trainees also discuss their plans with their educational supervisor and /or Training Programme Director before contacting the HEE YH local office.

The HEE YH contact at the Leeds Office is: LTFT West YH 

Out of Programme Experience (OOPE)

Registrars may take time out of a specialty training programme for several reasons: 

  1. To undertake GMC approved clinical training which is not part of the trainee’s specialty training programme (OOPT)
  2. To gain experience which is not approved by GMC but which may benefit the trainee (e.g. working in a different health environment/country) or help support the health needs of other countries (e.g. Medicins Sans Frontieres, Voluntary Service Overseas, supporting global health partnerships) (OOPE)
  3. To undertake a period of research (OOPR)
  4. To take a planned career break from the specialty training programme (OOPC)

In order to complete training and obtain a CCT trainees must complete a minimum of 24 months of training within the UK.

A maximum of 12 months can be spent in UK or overseas placements to contribute to obtaining competencies and developing specialist interests. Longer periods can be taken outside of the training programme but contribution to gaining competencies is not guaranteed if outside Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber.

Out of Programme (OOP) has to be approved by the Postgraduate Dean or
deputy, who will be advised by the Training Programme Director (TPD) or the Head
of School.  Applicants are therefore advised to discuss their proposals as early as possible with their TPD.

More details of HEE YH OOP, including policy documents and relevant forms, can be found here.

If the OOP placement has not previously been approved by the GMC, then FPH approval must also be sought.  Further details of this and the relevant application forms can be found here.

Academic Opportunities

Our school is keen to support academic placements for our trainees.  These may take the form of Out of Programme Research (OOPR) or shorter attachments in academic units.

OOPR may involve PhD research for which trainees must compete for external funding.

Academic placements within local academic centres can be arranged for trainees to pursue particular interests and typically last 6 months.

Trainees who are interested in an academic placement should discuss this with their allocated Academic Supervisor.

Acting Up to Consultant

Trainees are supported to 'act up' into Consultant posts during the final six months of the training programme, if the opportunity is available.

Further details regarding the HEE YH policy for acting up can be found here.