Workforce, training and education
Yorkshire and Humber

Induction / Enrolment.

New registrars will usually start the training programme on the first Wednesday of August following their appointment.  Our school holds an induction day at the start of every training year to welcome and introduce new registrars to the training programme, and to provide an opportunity to meet current registrars and trainers in the region. The day also provides some insight into the public health work in the region that registrars can get involved in, and gives new trainees a chance to get to know each other and learn about their diverse backgrounds. 

Registrars will also receive further induction at their first training location (one of the local authorities across Yorkshire and the Humber), arranged directly by the training placement.

We have produced a “New Public Health Registrar Unofficial Guide" to help new trainees at the start of their training and to familiarise them with the school.  This is distributed when trainees start.

Forms to complete

1. Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber registration

All registrars training at HEE YH need to complete “Form R: Registration for Postgraduate Specialty Training”. This form is also needed to enrol with the Faculty of Public Health (see below).  It needs signing by the Training Programme Director before submitting.  More information about form R can be found on the HEE YH website.

2. Faculty of Public Health enrolment

The Faculty of Public Health (FPH) is the professional body that sets and maintains the professional standards of all trainees and specialists in public health.  Their responsibilities include examinations, specialist accreditation, continuing professional development, appraisal guidelines, setting standards for revalidation, and ensuring quality of training.

All registrars MUST enrol with the FPH within three months of appointment. See for more details.  Previously there was a once only payment for enrolment.  However, this has been replaced by an annual "training & membership fee", details of which can be found here. This new fee only applies to new registrars joining the training scheme from 2016 and does not affect existing registrars.

3. Masters in Public Health enrolment

We currently support our registrars to complete a full-time (or part-time) Masters in Public Health (MPH) within the first year(s) of training. Registrars can choose which local university to take the MPH at, but need to approach the universities themselves to secure a place. On application to the MPH, details regarding payment of fees will be provided by the Training Scheme Administrator.

More details of the MPH can be found here.

If registrars have previously completed an equivalent Master’s they should discuss their academic training needs with the Training Programme Director, as top up modules or reduced training time may be considered.