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Please note that HEE working across Yorkshire and the Humber has published ARCP guidance relating to all Specialties: 




Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)

Each year, every trainee will have an ARCP.  This involves meeting with an ARCP panel, during which trainee’s progression (as documented by the e-portfolio, supervisor reports and other resources) is reviewed and discussed with the registrar.  The panel includes the Head of School, Training Programme Director, external panel members relevant to public health and Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber, and lay members.

This meeting helps to identify appropriate training progression but also any training needs that haven’t been addressed or issues there may be with training.  Movement from phase to phase is formally agreed by an ARCP panel.  Failure to progress satisfactorily is also addressed at ARCP meetings and support offered to registrars experiencing difficulty with examinations or achieving competency in any particular area.

Timings of the ARCP vary year to year but the school tries to give at least six weeks' notice to notify you of your ARCP date and let you know the documentation required.

Standard documentation required includes the following which can be found in the documents section of this page or by following the links below.

  • Trainee Record form
  • Educational Supervisors Report
  • Academic Supervisors Report (if applicable)
  • Form R (part B)
  • Form 4 - page 14 of the ‘Workplace based appraisal form’ downloadable from:
  • A copy of your ‘Current Learning Contract’
  • Annual reflection for Key Area 9 
  • Wessex Learning Outcome Status form 

More information on ARCPs can be found in the Gold Guide

Upcoming ARCP Dates

Please find below the list of ARCP panel dates for the School of Public Health.  You will receive an email notification of the date of your next ARCP at least 12 week in advance.  If you have any questions, please email us 


7th December


15th march

7th June

21st June

5th July

6th December

Membership of the FPH exams

The Faculty of Public Health (FPH) membership exams consist of two parts, Part A and Part B, both of which must be passed to progress with training.


Part A

Part A is intended to test candidate's knowledge and understanding of the scientific basis of public health. Currently the FPH recommends that trainees sit the exam within 18 months (or part time equivalent) of the start of training, though our school supports registrars in deciding the most appropriate time for them to sit the exam. Exam sittings are twice a year, in January and in June. More details of the exams, including dates, application and past papers can be found here. HEYH have agreed that registrars may attempt the Part A exam a maximum of 3 times within the training programme.

Our school provides a comprehensive Part A revision programme to assist preparation for the exam. This programme is delivered through the School of Health and Related Research (SCHARR) at the University of Sheffield with assistance from trainees who have already completed the exam and regional consultants. It consists of a day a week of focused revision teaching and exam question practice over a 10 week period.  Currently the programme is run every 12 months.  Details of the programme are circulated to participating registrars before each course.

Our school also supports dedicated revision time before the Part A exams of one day a week 6 months before the exam and 2 days a week during the 3 months leading up to the exam.



The Part B exam (also known as Objective Structured Public Health Examination or OSPHE) is designed to assess registrars’ ability to apply relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes to the practice of public health. The exam is a series of scenario based stations delivered through role play to test skills such as presenting, listening and comprehending communication skills, handling uncertainty and challenges, and analytical skills. More details of the exam, including dates, application process, a mini OSPHE preparation pack, and sample scenarios, can be found here.

Revision with other registrars also taking the exam is encouraged by the school.  A part B mock examination is also run by the school, using trainers and registrars as examiners and actors, to familiarise registrars with the style of the exam. We aim to make the mock exam as close to the real part B exam as possible.