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Yorkshire and Humber

Curriculum and e-portfolio.


The Faculty of Public Health (FPH) provide the training curriculum for public health trainees.  This lists the learning outcomes which must be achieved during training and approximate timings relating to phases of training when each should be met.  The curriculum has recently been reviewed and modified, with changes now approved by the GMC.  More details of the 2015 curriculum can be found at the FPH website.

A learning contract (example template here) should be agreed between trainees and supervisors to plan work done to acheive the curriculum outcomes. More details of this can be found in the supervisor section of the "Support during training" tab here.


The FPH e-portfolio is used to document progression through training and is based on the FPH curriculum.  This is described in more details on the faculty website and can be accessed through this link.

All registrars must maintain their own e-portfolio, by providing pieces of evidence to support each learning outcome.  If appropriate, educational supervisors approve the evidence provided and sign off each learning outcome during their training placements.  These approvals are then used during the Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) to demonstrate progression in training.

As the e-portfolio represents each trainee’s summary of their training experience, we encourage registrars to become familiar with the system early on in training.  Training sessions are run intermittently to assist new registrars in mastering the e-portfolio and when changes occur to the system. In addition, registrars are always happy to support each other in achieving the learning outcomes and documenting them on the e-portfolio.