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Yorkshire and Humber

Training programme structure

The public health training programme is 5 years fulltime equivalent in duration, though may be reduced for those who already have a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) or relevant PhD. Throughout training, registrars are supported by their own educational and academic supervisors, and by their peers on the training scheme through regular registrar meetings, social media groups, and the buddy system (click here for more information).  We are a very supportive school and are keen that all our registrars get to know each other, interact and learn from one another at every level of training.

The programme is delivered in 2 phases:

Phase 1:

The first phase of training is usually spent working full or part time towards a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) at one of the local Universities, preparing for the Faculty of Public Health (FPH) membership exams (Part A and B), and on placements in a local authority (where a minimum of 1 year is spent) and health protection (minimum 3 months FTE). The health protection placement is undertaken at one of the regional Public Health England (PHE) Health Protection Teams for a minimun of 3 months, usually once a registrar has passed the Part A exam.  If the placement is completed successfully, registrars can then participate in the health protection oncall rotas. Registrars will also prepare for the Part B FPH exam, either whilst at PHE or during a subsequent placement. Phase 1 usually lasts around 24-30 months (FTE), with the end marked by passing the Part B FPH examination and achieving the curriculum learning outcomes specific to this phase.

Phase 2:                

Phase 2 of the programme allows registrars to attend a greater variety of placements, arranged according to educational need and career intent, and to develop specialist interests and skills. Options include further PHE attachments, academic placements, working within the Department of Health, and prison and offender health settings, amongst others. Supervised consultant level work is encouraged on the final year of training.  Phase 2 typically lasts 24-36 months.

Please visit here for more details about local training or for more details of the phases and to view the public health training pathway diagram.