Workforce, training and education
Yorkshire and Humber

Specialty Registrar Committee.

Specialty Registrar Committee (SRC) meetings are held every two months throughout the year. These meetings give a chance for all registrars on the training scheme to meet together, be involved in how the training programme is delivered, and learn from each other.  A business meeting is held over half the day in which registrars share and discuss current work, public health practice, and training matters.  The other half of the day consists of an educational session on a variety of relevant local and national public health topics.

The meetings are coordinated by two registrar co-chairs (who are elected each year) and held at various locations within the region, depending on the meeting theme.  In addition to the chairs, there are several other representative posts held by other registrars, such as academic and health protection representatives, who report to the SRC regarding any updates in their area. A list of these posts can be found here.

Registrars are expected to attend the SRC meetings and time should be allowed out of placement commitments. Upcoming meeting details can be found here.