Workforce, training and education
Yorkshire and Humber

Training placements

Local authorities

To be awarded a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT), every registrar needs to spend a minimum of 18 months working on placement in a local authority (LA).  All registrars start their training in a LA, as agreed with and allocated by the Head of School.  Many registrars rotate through several LA placements during their training in order to experience public health issues and practice in different populations.  During each placement, registrars are supported and guided by their allocated educational supervisors to learn through observing, participating and leading on pieces of public health service work relevant to the local population and appropriate to their level of experience. 

Health protection

Following successful completion of the Part A MFPH exam, all registrars need to complete a minimum of 3 months in a health protection placement. 

During this placement, registrars will have a primary base at one of three Public Health England locations in South, North or West Yorkshire.  In addition, registrars from all locations will participate in the rota for the Acute Response Centre (ARC) which is located in Blenheim House, Leeds.

To facilitate a shared induction period, all health protection placements will begin on one of three dates:

· First Wednesday in August

· First Wednesday in December

· First Wednesday in April

Once this placement has been completed and registrars have been signed off as competent, they may participate on the local health protection on-call rota.

At the end of a health protection placement, every trainee should complete the health protection end of placement form

Academic Public Health

Yorkshire and the Humber registrars are served by excellent local universities with strong academic public health departments. These placements not only help registrars sign off the relevant academic learning outcomes, they also provide valuable experience in designing and delivering research projects, writing up research for publication and dissemination, teaching UK and international students and applying for research grants including PhD fellowships.

There are educational supervisors at the following academic institutions where placements can take place:

 A list of registrar publications can be found here

All registrars are able to spend a short placement in one of the academic units in Yorkshire & Humber writing up their dissertation, or other work, for publication.  This can occur at any time during training.

Subsequent placements

After passing the MFPH exams registrars take an active role in choosing their subsequent placements, with the aim of achieving a broad and representative experience of public health, whilst developing specialist interests and more advanced skills to facilitate transition from registrar to consultant. 

Placements can be arranged according to educational need and career intent. Options include further experience at different local authorities, and more specialist placements such as at Public Health England, the Department of Health, university placements and NHS organisations.  Our school also supports consideration of alternative, more unique training opportunities, including international placements, so long as their educational merits can be demonstrated and the relevant approvals are obtained (see here for further information).  The school currently has regular placements at West Yorkshire Police and at the COMDIS site in Swaziland, with information on the latter accessed on the link below:

Our school also supports trainees who wish to pursue a year out of programme on the Future Leaders Programme, which offers the chance to develop skills in personal leadership by designing and delivering focused projects, with the supervision of an experienced clinical leader.  More details can be found here.

Whenever there are changes to work location or personal contact details please contact Amanda Cartwright


Registrar Publications

Registar Publications (2013 to current)

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