The current COVID crisis has altered the requirements for ARCP. There has been National Guidance and RCoA feedback about this too, which has been linked to on the previous page.

The requirements for progressing through an ARCP have been reduced, and the ARCP panel will be pragmatic, utilising the ESSR and using compensatory evidence.

FOR ACCS TRAINEES (year 1 and 2) the College of EM has produced an amended ARCP checklists that can be downloaded from HERE

For all other trainees there is no specific amended checklist. There is no reason why trainees cannot utilise previous ARCP checklists to help ORGANISE their ARCP evidence but there will not be as stringent a requirement to meet all of the particular sections.

The subsequent information (not written in red) is from before COVID but has been left available for information purposes.


ARCP checklists are available below for each stage of Training. Please use these for forward planning and preparation. You can download the required checklist by clicking on the title, or from the document bank at the bottom of the page.

These checklists detail the evidence that the ARCP panel will expect to review. The exact requirements for each module within each hospital will vary according to year of training, educational opportunities and evidence obtained previously. Therefore, a detailed description of the exact requirements for each part of the checklist are beyond the scope of this website. However, it is recommended that the trainee takes the checklist along to an Educational Supervisor meeting where the exact requirements can be discussed with them.

Anaesthetics ARCP Checklist 

This can be used for all reviews due in April 2020 but for reviews from June 2020 please use the RCoA checklist below -


Anaesthetics ARCP Checklist (updated February 2020)

This is for all CORE Anaesthesia trainees, all Specialist Anaesthesia trainees (ST trainees) and also ACCS Anaesthesia trainees in Year 2 & 3. (Year 1 ACCS see the link below below).

ACCS CT1 checklist (revised 2018)

This is for all ACCS Anaesthesia trainees in Year ONE (the Emergency Medicine and Acute Medicine year).

It can also be used by ACCS EM or ACCS AM trainees in Year ONE

ICM ARCP checklist (revised 2018)

This is for all ICM Trainees whether they are Single Stream or Dual. It is the checklist for the ICM component of your training year. If you are a Dual ICM trainee you may well have a "non-ICM" component to your ARCP, and this may require an additional checklist (e.g. the Anaesthesia one above).

South ARCP Guidance Documents

ARCP Preparation Timeline
Guide to Educational and Clinical Supervision