Appraisal and Assessment

We follow the assessment guidance from the FICM

We know that there are many assessments required. We are happy for you to not duplicate those completed in a partner speciality.

You must be registered with the Faculty and use the FICM ePortfolio; your assessments should be completed on this platform.

You should have a named Educational Supervisor, who you should meet a minimum of 4 times a year and named Clinical Supervisors for each placement.

If at any stage, you are concerned or running into difficulty please contact your ES or TPD as soon as possible.

Each year you will be required to generate a Structured Training Report prior to your ARCP (your annual review). This is a formal process that allows progression to the next training year (Outcome 1) or Completion of Training (Outcome 6). Should specific competencies require developmeent, without additional training time, Outcome 2 will be awarded. Outcome 3 is awarded where insufficient progress is being made overall and an additional period of training is required. An Outcome 4 will result in a trainee being removed from the programme with or without specified competencies.

There are 3 Key stages in your ICM Training

Stage 1: Introduction and partner speciality for ICM

Stage 2: FICM exam needs to be completed in this stage

Stage 3: Final Year of ICM training


More Details are on the FICM site (

ICM ARCPs are arranged to tie in with regional Anaesthetics ARCP dates
Programme Support will confirm your ARCP date at least 6 weeks prior to the review.

2020 ARCP dates



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For your ARCP you MUST complete the checklist below and upload it onto your personal library in your FICM ePortfolio.



Revalidation - Form R (Part B)

You will be asked to complete a Form R (Part B) for revalidatioin and upload a copy to your ePortfolio before your annual review.

Health Education England working across Yorkshire & The Humber is using a new digital Form R (an editable PDF).

Form R 2020

COVID self-declaration (additional document for 2020 ARCPs_

(download the file to your device to complete using the free Acrobat Reader).

Guidance on completion of Form R and creating a Digital ID