YHFS Academic Foundation Programmes

East Yorkshire Academic Posts

  • 21 Academic Research Programmes.
  • 3 Medical Education Programmes – converted to Foundation Priority Programmes for August 2021.
  • Collaboration with the Hull York Medical School
  • Enrolment on either the Postgraduate Certificate in Health Research & Statistics or the Postgraduate Certificate in Health Professions Education 

The full academic rotations for YHFS are available at the bottom of this page (filter by North East).

For further information regarding Medical Education placements, please see the example job description at the bottom of the page.


How to Apply

For details of how to apply, please see our Recruitment and Retention section. If you have any queries, please contact foundation.yh@hee.nhs.uk


Projects and Supervisors

Projects and Supervisors

Academic Foundation Projects and Supervisors (for 4-month F2 projects)

Academic Foundation placements are offered in the research areas indicated below:


Location Academic Supervisor

Clinical Specialty

Hull Prof Ian Chetter Surgery
Hull Prof Andrew Clark, Dr Angela Hoye Cardiology
Hull Prof Alyn Morice, Dr Simon Hart, Dr Michael Crooks Respiratory Medicine
Hull Prof Mike Lind Oncology
Hull Dr William Townend Emergency Medicine
Hull Dr David Hepburn, Dr Gabrielle Finn Medical Education
Hull Prof Thozhukat Sathyapalan Diabetes and Endocrinology
Hull Prof Sunil Bhandari Renal Medicine
Hull Prof Miriam Johnson Palliative Medicine
Hull Prof Joanne Reeve General Practice
Hull Dr Gavin Barlow Infection
Hull Prof Mahmoud Loubani Cardiothoracic surgery
York TBC Primary Care
York Prof Simon Gilbody Mental Health
York Prof Dean McMillan Mental Health
York Prof Najma Siddiqi Mental Health


PG Certificate Course in Health Research & Statistics

All academic trainees in YHFS have funding provided to complete a PG Certificate in either Research or Medical Education. Trainees should work with their Academic Supervisor and Employer to make sure that the required modules can be completed in both FY1 and FY2 without causing any significant impact on their clinical placements.

As YHFS are funding these courses there is an expectation for trainees to complete the course over the 2 years of Foundation training. While YHFS mandate completion of this course, due to it being an excellent additional opportunity for our academic trainees, it is not a mandatory requirement for completion of Foundation training as it is additional to the Foundation curriculum. 

YHFS believe our Academic trainees will welcome this opportunity and will strive to work with their Supervisors, the University and their Employer in order to ensure this can be completed. 

YHFS have also created a checklist of competencies, taken from the UKFPO Academic Compendium, to be used as a guide for Academic trainees over their 2 year programme. Again this can’t be mandated, but will provide a structure of expectation and record Academic achievement throughout their Academic programme. Again the trainee should work with their Supervisors, the University and their Employers to complete as many of the requirements on the checklist as possible.

Postgraduate taught degrees. PG Certificates, Diplomas and Masters in Health Professions Education

The Health Professionals Education Programme delivered by HYMS (Hull York Medical School), is offering flexible Postgraduate Certificates, Diplomas or Masters. Offering a range of modules and two intakes per year (September & January), study options include a 100% online approach or a hybrid learning experience with online and face to face learning. Accredited by the Higher Education Academy, completion of the certificate allows for application for membership as a fellow.      


Designed specifically for students with an interest in teaching, assessment, course design and educational research, the programmes provide access to a wealth of resources and knowledge from both the Universities of Hull & York in addition to peers and tutors.


For more information please visit the HYMS website.