Trainee Representatives

Trainee representation is a key element in the development and monitoring of the Foundation Programme, and representatives play a valuable role in providing feedback and helping shape new initiatives. 

At the beginning of each new training year each Trust will appoint a minimum of one F1 and one F2 Trust Trainee Representative, Of the appointed Trust Trainee Representatives, each year one F1 and one F2 will be selected to become the Regional Trainee Representative.

In total, there will be three F1 and three F2 Regional Trainee Representatives, two in EY, two in SY and two in WY.

In order to build continuity, the F1 Trainee Representative will hold the role for the entire two years of their Foundation training in HEE YH, moving to become the F2 Trainee Representative in their second year. They may of course, choose to step down from their role at the end of F1 if they wish. If a trainee does give up their role in F1, the same application process will be used.

Please note that the posts are unpaid, honorary roles. YHFS is however, able to reimburse travel expenses for those Trainee Representatives who are required to travel to local and national meetings. Details on how to claim reimbursement will be sent on appointment.

Please see job descriptions for both roles, the application form, policy and template reports below. 

Trainee Representative - Attendance at Committee Meetings

The three YH Foundation School Committees (EY, SY and WY) meet quarterly. All Regional Trainee Representatives are expected to attend, bringing trainee feedback from their colleagues for discussion. The Regional Trainee Representatives will collate feedback from the Trust Trainee Representatives and take to the relevant Foundation School Committee.  

Please speak with your Trust or Regional Trainee Representatives if you have anything (positive or negative) you wish to be raised at the YHFS committees. This is your opportunity to have your feedback heard!

The school will also be recruiting to the role of simulation representatives; you cannot apply for both a Foundation representative and simulation representatives post.

New for 2022

Yorkshire Foundation School Foundation Fellows

To enhance the potential for Foundation Doctors to demonstrate excellence, trainees can apply for Fellowship roles within the Yorkshire Foundation School. 

The FY1 roles will last for two years. Trainees wanting to fulfil these positions will need to make a written application to ensure we are identifying the most appropriate individuals. The trainees would not be allocated additional time for these roles but would get additional funding (£250/trainee) to attend a course relevant to their personal development. 

Please note, all Academic / Simulation fellow roles are currently filled until 2024 (as we previously appointed successful candidates for the duration of 2 years). We will therefore not be accepting any application forms for these roles this year. We apologise for any inconvenience.


All job descriptions and applications forms can be found below.