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GMC Registration

All Foundation doctors are required to hold provisional (F1) or full (F2) registration with the GMC.


F1s Applying for Full Registration

When you are nearing the end of your F1 year, you will need to apply to convert your provisional registration to full registration. 

If you are a non-UK graduate, your registration will be processed through the Foundation School you are currently working in, i.e. East Yorkshire Foundation School, South Yorkshire Foundation School or West Yorkshire Foundation School. 

If you are a UK graduate, GMC Full Registration is processed by your home university area, either by the university itself or the local Foundation School, regardless of which Foundation School you are currently training in.

Applications are done online. The GMC will contact you in May/June with instructions and a reminder to check your access details on ‘GMC Online’.

What you need to do:

  • Go online to the GMC website:  and complete your application as soon as possible after you receive the instructions letter from them. Making your online application also involves paying a registration fee online.
  • You will be asked to confirm the date you wish your Full Registration to begin
  • For UK F1 doctors, after paying the fee you will be able to print off the ‘Certificate of Experience’ generated by the registration (the form will already have your name, your Medical School name, and your GMC reference number on it). 
  • For EEA and IMG doctors, you can still apply online but you will be sent a Certificate of Experience separately and will not be able to download a copy online.
  • Download the ‘Certificate of Experience’ (if UK doctor), save it as Word or PDF document, and email it to the relevant contact or print it out and send it by post (if EEA or IMG).  (See contacts list – link above).  Please note that the form has to be BLANK, do not sign it or write anything on it.
  • It is each doctor’s responsibility to submit the required form directly to their own Medical School by the specified deadline.  See the contacts list for details of where to direct any queries.


In order for an authorised signatory to sign your ‘Certificate of Experience’, they will need to have also received your  ‘Foundation Year 1 Certificate of Completion (F1CC)’ certificate as evidence that you have completed your F1 training.  Your Foundation School will forward this to your medical school once your ARCP outcome has been approved by the School’s Director.


Please note:

You will not be able to start work as an F2 doctor without full GMC registration.  We can only guarantee that your ‘Certificate of Experience’ will reach the GMC within their deadline if you comply with the deadlines.  Please note that acceptance of your registration fee by the GMC does not denote that your application for registration has been granted.  You can check the progress of your application online by logging in to ‘GMC Online’.  Once your application has been approved your status will be updated to read ‘full’ in place of ‘provisional’ and you will be sent a registration certificate.


Medical School Students Applying for Provisional Registration

Before you can start work as an F1 doctor, you must be provisionally registered with the General Medical Council (GMC). During your fourth or final year, the GMC visits your medical school and provides you with information about how to apply for provisional registration and licence to practise. Once you’ve passed your exams, applied for registration, satisfied the GMC that your fitness to practise is not impaired and paid your registration fee, your registration will be granted.

The GMC will contact you in May/June with instructions on how to apply for registration. The application process is done online.