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South Yorkshire

In collaboration with the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, the South Yorkshire Locality Scheme offers a total of 21 Academic programmes incorporating:  

  • 9 Academic Research placements
  • 24 Medical Education placements (12 Sheffield, 6 Barnsley & 6 Doncaster)
  • For August 2023 there are also 3 Medical Education posts that will cross both East Yorkshire and South Yorkshire with the FY1 year being based at Diana Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby and the FY2 year being based at Doncaster Royal Infirmary. The academic placement will be hosted by Sheffield University.

The webpage link at the end of this paragraph links to some of the projects completed by previous academic foundation trainees, and to a list of potential projects for future years. Projects can be developed in many specialities and trainees at Sheffield are welcome to contact potential supervisors and develop ideas in their own areas of interest, and we offer help with this. University of Sheffield FP

Whilst a list of previous projects can be explored via the projects and supervisors button at the foot of this page, a list of potential projects can be located via University of Sheffield Potential Projects.

The full academic rotations for YHFS are available at the bottom of the page (filter by South).

For further information regarding Medical Education placements, please see the job description at the bottom of the page.

How to Apply

For details of how to apply, please see our Allocation Process section. If you have any queries, please contact


Projects and Supervisors

Projects and Supervisors

Example Academic Foundation Placements and Supervisors – Sheffield, South Yorkshire

The list below shows the range of Academic Foundation placements which have been offered for a 4-month project in academic FY2 at the University of Sheffield, South Yorkshire. This list is not exhaustive and is an indication of the type of research areas we have available at Sheffield.

If you are interested in research in a particular specialty which is not represented below please contact the Foundation Support Team ( for further information.

Supervisor Clinical Specialty Project Description
John Newell-Price, Caroline Mitchell, Lynsey Grieveson Oncology and Metabolism Epigenetic regulation of the HPA axis: focus on proopiomelanocortin.
Caroline Mitchell, Lynsey Grieveson, Chris McDermott Translational Neuroscience HighCALS - understanding high calorie nutritional interventions in pwALS from the perspectives of MDT members, patients and carers.
Helen Crimlisk, Caroline Mitchell, Lynsey Grieveson, Michelle Marshall Medical Education Creation of interactive content to increase student interest and engagement in, and future recruitment to psychiatry.
Ian Sabroe, Caroline Mitchell, Lynsey Grieveson, Michelle Marshall Medical Humanities How far does the Student Assistantship prepare Foundation Trainees for clinical decision making? A Qualitative Assessment.
Pirashanthie Vivekananda-Schmidt, Caroline Mitchell, Lynsey Grieveson, Michelle Marshall Medicine Developing a prototype for an online revision resource for medical students, for Public Health and Medical Ethics.
Caroline Mitchell, Lynsey Grieveson, Markus Reuber Neurology Developing a questionnaire to aid differential diagnosis of transient loss of consciousness.
Caroline Mitchell, Lynsey Grieveson, Michelle Marshall, Vandana Vora Palliative Care Difficult communication: a focus group assessing the preparedness of final year medical students.
Pamela Shaw, Lynsey Grieveson, Caroline Mitchell Translational Neuroscience Identification and validation of novel genetic risk factors for familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
Alastair Graham, Caroline Mitchell, Lynsey Grieveson, Michelle Marshall Medical Education In-situ training in the ED, is it worth it? A literature review of current simulation-based training.
Joanne Thompson, Caroline Mitchell, Lynsey Grieveson, Michelle Marshall Primary Care Do undergraduate medical students feel prepared talking to children with long term conditions and their families?
Michelle Marshall, Alastair Graham, Lynsey Grieveson Medical Education Enhancing students' engagement and learning in theatre during their surgical placement.
Caroline Mitchell, Lynsey Grieveson, Michelle Marshall, Karen Rogstad Medical Leadership and Management Medical Leadership and Management within the Undergraduate Curriculum
Caroline Mitchell, Lynsey Grieveson, Alan Lobo Gastroenterology Secondary Loss of Response to Vedoluzimab in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Systematic Review and Experience from a Tertiary Referral Centre.
Caroline Mitchell, Lynsey Grieveson, Oliver Bandmann Neurosciences Investigating cumulative genetic defects in Parkinson’s disease mutant zebrafish.
Caroline Mitchell, Lynsey Grieveson Primary Care Heterogeneity of reason for consultation in frequent attenders to accident and emergency.
Caroline Mitchell, Lynsey Grieveson, Albert Ong Nephrology The overall aim of this project is to further validate several compounds shown to modify the zebrafish (Danio rerio) pkd2 phenotype and to the expression of pkd2 in vivo.