Oxford Medical Simulation

Hello Students,


During the COVID-19 outbreak, we are working with Oxford Medical Simulation to provide you with screen-based simulation experiences. The scenarios you'll see were created to be used both in Immersive Virtual Reality (via headset) and on-screen - you will be using the screen-based version (OMS: Distance), which can be downloaded onto your computer.


You will each receive a separate email from

no-reply@em6698.email1.oms-app.com or no-reply@em2898..email2.oms-app.com which will invite you to create your own individual account. It is important that everyone has their own account so that the performance data from your simulation scenario gets tracked appropriately.


Please see the PDF (below) for end-to-end instructions for creating your account, downloading/installing the platform, and understanding how to run through scenarios and view your feedback. This works best on Google Chrome.


Please note that it will be extremely helpful for you to view the instructional videos embedded in the PDF below prior to downloading the software.


For further information on Oxford Medical Simulation please visit their about us page: http://oxfordmedicalsimulation.com/about/   


Here are some additional videos you may find useful:

OMS Getting Started Guide: https://oxfordmedicalsimulation.foleon.com/learn/oms-admin-user-guide/oms-admin-user-guide/ 
Installing the OMS software (Windows 10): https://vimeo.com/398034822/b7b46a5192
Installing the OMS software (Mac): https://vimeo.com/405375688
First Time Login Demo: https://vimeo.com/423158794
Running scenarios on screen: https://vimeo.com/398034985/9ff681b92f
Understanding user analytics: https://vimeo.com/398034723

Intro video for learners: https://vimeo.com/584947905/34bdff3c02

Admin User Guide for institutional admins: https://oxfordmedicalsimulation.foleon.com/learn/oms-admin-user-guide/oms-admin-user-guide/

Faculty Resource Pack: https://oxfordmedicalsimulation.foleon.com/learn/oms-faculty-resource-guide/virtual-simulation-implementation-for-faculty/

There are also a host of user guide content available on the online help desk: https://intercom.help/oxford-medical-simulation/en

If you need any help or support along the way you can reach out to the Oxford Medical Simulation support team directly by heading to the chat function on the web-app or by emailing support@oxfordmedicalsimulation.com