Review of Competence Progression (RCP).

All Dental Core Trainees and DFTDCT Trainees will have a Review of Clinical Progression (RCP). The RCP process is aimed at ensuring that the required competences are being gained at an appropriate rate and through appropriate experience.

The expectation of trainees is that they will drive their training against an agreed set of objectives and timeline in order to maximise their training opportunities and development. Clinical Supervisors, Educational Supervisors and members of the HEE teams all have a role, but the primary responsibility for training progression sits with the individual trainee. 



Dates of the 2021 RCP Process

Interim RCP (IRCP) 2021

For Dental Core Trainees, the IRCPs will be held on 3 March 2021, the deadline for evidence submission is 16 February 2021.

For DFTDCT Year 1 Trainees, the IRCP will be held on 7 July 2021.


Final RCP (FRCP) 2021

For Dental Core Trainees and DFTDCT Year 2 Trainees, the FRCP will be held on 30 July 2021. The deadline for trainees to upload all of their evidence will be 16 July 2021. 

Interim RCP

The Interim Review of Competence Progression (IRCP) will take place at approximately 6 months (or at one year for DFTDCT Trainees). This is a summative assessment of all the evidence accumulated to date and allows a decision to be made regarding progress of the trainee at that point.

Composition of the Panel

Interim RCP Panels will have a local composition and should consist of at least the following two panel members:

  • Local HEE/Deanery TPD (or equivalent) for DCT
  • Senior clinical trainer from the same Deanery/ HEE local team
  • Educational Supervisor from the trainee’s programme in attendance where practical


The following evidence should be uploaded for the IRCP:

  • Educational portfolio
  • Structured Educational Supervisor report
  • Trainee assessment form
  • Clinical activity log
  • Audit activity
  • Evidence of 15 completed SLEs - a mix of CBDs, DOPS and CEX
  • Teaching and research involvement
  • Personal Development Plan (PDP)
  • Continuing Professional Development 
  • Multi-source feedback
  • Trainee Assessment form


Trainees will receive one of the following ourcomes at their IRCP.




Predefined competencies being demonstrated at an appropriate rate


Development required with specific recommendations regarding the development of further competencies during the remainder of that year of the training programme being made.


Incomplete evidence provided - specified targets much be achievd within two weeks



Final RCP

The Final Review of Competence Progression will take place at approximately 10 months (or 22 months for DFTDCT Trainees).

Composition of the Panel

Final RCP Panels should consist of at least three of the following panel members:

  • HEE local team/Deanery Training Programme Director (TPD) (or equivalent) for DCT
  • Senior clinical trainer from the same Deanery/HEE local team
  • TPD/Lead for DCT or equivalent from another HEE local team/Deanery
  • Lay member
  • Educational Supervisor from the trainee’s programme in attendance where practical

The Panel

The RCP Panels will review and assess the evidence which should be provided by the trainee at least 2 weeks in advance of the RCP Panel meeting. 

If the trainee has supplied incomplete or no information, the RCP panel will be unable to make any statement about progress or otherwise. If this occurs, the trainee should be given the opportunity to supply the panel with the required documentation by a designated date.

Once the required documentation has been received, the panel may then consider it and issue an appropriate outcome. This should take place “virtually” if practicable. Alternatively, if no information is subsequently provided a Certificate of Achievement may not be awarded.

Trainees should not normally attend the RCP Panel review but should receive feedback from HEE/Deanery TPD (or equivalent) for DCT as soon as is practicable.

Trainees may also request the opportunity to meet with the panel chair or panel representative after the review has been completed to discuss any recommendations for further development and training in the future.


The following evidence may be appropriate for a trainee to provide to an RCP Panel for review:

Evidence gathered on paper/by other methods, e.g. Edcucational Supervisor report, patient feedback, can be uploaded to the Achievements section of Turas. 


Trainees will receive one of the following outcomes at their Final RCP. 

Outcome Description
1 Predefined competencies successfully demonstrated
2 Development required with specific recommendations regarding competencies that were specified in the original learning agreement but not yet demonstrated during this year of training.
5 Incomplete evidence provided



Trainee Checklist

A checklist has been created for trainees as a tool to monitor their progress against the requirements. 

DCT Trainees - Checklist
DFTDCT Year 1 Trainees - Checklist
DFTDCT Year 2 Trainees - Checklist